Deaths from COVID viral exposure typically occurred on and from 8th day; and mainly in > 55 years old persons; why? it is likely because they were exposed to something similar to CORONAVIRUS before

by Paul Alexander

Time to exit, time to take OMICRON variant as a gift and declare victory, paging POTUS Biden, grab this Biden, its over, DECLARE victory!

No one died during the first 7 days post viral exposure based on Chetty’s patient data set…7000 patients and he has found that COVID is a bi-phasic disorder

His declaration is this is a severe allergic reaction that can be very severe and the spike is the toxin that drives the hyperactive allergic reaction

Why over 55 year olds are more susceptible to severe hypersensitive symptoms? reasonable theory is that they were exposed to a toxin very similar to the coronavirus…they were over 55 (longer life than those less than 55 and opportunity for a prior exposure) and likely were prior exposed so sensitized…we know that if you are allergic to something, the first time exposed, you will not have a clinical reaction yet as dont have the antibodies yet to prompt the clinical allergic reaction and the symptoms…no clinical response yet as no antibodies to prompt an allergic reaction. But the first time exposure (with no reaction yet) you do produce the IgE (as now sensitized) for that specific allergen, and with the 2nd time exposed, you now have the IgE (immunoglobulin) existing (due to the prior first exposure) to mount the inappropriate allergic response to it. a type of priming.

This is why they are predisposed to have the severe allergic reaction on the 8th day.

Chetty argues as an example, in treating 7000 patients, to have found this to be very stable, irrespective of the variant…Alpha, Delta, Omicron etc…virus has a stable replication cycle that is self-limited by the immune response; first 7 days no deaths, and by 8th day degeneration and the illness has 2 phases that are distinct, 0-7 days (treated symptomatically) vs 8th day forward; the latter is the dangerous period; he has not seen this 8th day forward for Omicron;

Degeneration is due to an allergic reaction, this is the key

I find this fascinating and seems very plausible. Chetty is still tabulating his patient data and he seems to have one of the best patient data sets, clean etc.

But this is done, COVID is done, Omicron shows this…it is over. remember infections are up > 200% for omicron while deaths are down (3%)…it is over.

Time to use Omicron as our exit out of COVID; take the off-ramp POTUS Biden, its there for the taking!!!!