Deborah Birx (architect of the COVID lockdown lunacy response disaster with Fauci (& now minus the scarf & with some apparent Botox) says CDC needs to be more 'transparent'; that's bullocks

by Paul Alexander

Birx knows she & Fauci & Walensky & Hahn & Bourla & Bancel & Francis Collins & their cabal are now UNDERSTOOD & caught with CDC & NIH & FDA misleading the nation; investigate & jail!

In my opinion, these people, Fauci and Birx caused the deaths of people, innocent healthy people, our police, our military, our border agents, our front line people, nurses, doctors even, they did this, they killed our children. These people.


“BIRX: Well, the way you rebuild public trust is be transparent. And I think that's in the report: better data, better accountability, better transparency. But they also have to believe, and this gets to the culture piece, people can understand complicated issues. It's your job as a public health official. That's what public and public health means. Your job is to take complex situations and data, and create graphs so that people can understand why you are making those recommendations. Recommendations that are created out of lack of transparency, and out of a black box where you can't really follow the logic is what leads to fracturing and trust. And you really have to work to reestablish that. It can be done, but they have to change how they collect data, how they present data, and how they communicate to the American people.”

So Walensky said the CDC was not up to the task and came closest to the truth, and Fauci came out shocked at what she said and tried to clean up saying ‘well, the problems and deficiencies predated Walensky and when they realized how disastrous it is and how much the public now knows the CDC is a bogus agency today, they trotted out Deb with her crap about ‘transparency’ as if that is the issue or was the issue. No Deb, it’s not about transparency and communication, it’s about you lied, you and Walensky are liars, we understand you, you all lied and misled and are corrupted people. You were lunatics with your lockdowns and vaccine and every single thing you did and said, every policy failed! Every single one.