Debt deal passes; McCarthy gets help from Dems; did I not tell you McCarthy is the other side, the UNIPARTY, these are crooks Republican Resistance Falters, Again... How Biden pulled it off...DRUDGE

by Paul Alexander

gets it right...he forgot one more headline e.g. "the crooks, the high-crime congress people BS us again as they worked together to rape the tax payer and steal the future of children; America hating

These are thieves and you need now to read it, read the bill, and see where the money was stolen, who got which pork, who is going to get kickbacks, who is the bagman or bagmen, whose family is richer today due to it, this is all a game, a show of thieves and we should not be afraid to go back and examine every COVID relief and PPE $ money, all of it, every tax dollar linked to COVID for I am sure 90% was fraudulent and these beasts in government enriched themselves, kind of like the COVID Freedom Fighters, at least some of them. They came to ‘take’.