Deion Sanders: I have followed his football and baseball career and one of the greatest and I love his personality; had foot/toe amputations following blood clots, SUDDENLY; Bo Jackson was not as good

by Paul Alexander

Deion's doctors and surgeons must explain to all his fans and him, why the vaccine was NOT the cause of the clots and amputations to a very healthy man; they won't because they cannot

We must not forget Nelly Korda, #1 ranked woman golfer in the world.




But over to Deion. Not even the great Bo did what Deion did…and yes, we do not have all the details YET but this is very coincidental post vaccine, he had no issues prior. In a legal court case, this would be evidence of causation.

Deion Sanders lost two toes to battle with blood clots

What Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders said about COVID-19 vaccine in Mississippi

"One thing about this vaccination, it preserves life," Sanders said. "I want a chance to win. I want a chance to dominate. I want a chance to take this university and these young men and women to another level. How am I going to do that if I'm not here?"

"People, it ain't no excuse," Sanders said in the video. "One of the reasons this is very important is because first and foremost, we want to preserve life. Everybody's talking about what they would do, what they're not going to do, what they don't trust, what they don't trust. We trust a lot of things, but we need to trust the right thing."