Del Bigtree my brother from another mother! HIGHWIRE; I have interviewed many times with Del, this is a true American patriot, true soul, real compassionate technical soul! Best! Del, me to you, it is

by Paul Alexander

time you dragged Malone into the hot seat & interview him not like before, but properly, ask him the pointed questions he and Weissman and Bourla etc. MUST answer on mRNA! You are chosen Del, step up!

huge Props Del, huge respect! Time to do what all in the Freedom Fighter media has failed to do! I think you got the stones for this and we be counting on you Sir, if you need, we have prepared the list of questions if you like, and btw, nice job with my colleagues McCullough and Vanden Bosshe…I appreciated the respect you showed them.

Ask Malone why certain scientists will never ever stand on a stage again with him! Not publicly, but ask him.