Delta/Omicron nasal wash that is important for these and other viral pathogen; we have learnt that povidone iodine, or hydrogen peroxide, or even very dilute sodium hypochlorite kills this virus dead

by Paul Alexander

I shared prior but again, for we are arguing that if you used a nasal wash and mouth gargle, a vast majority of any illness will be cut, dentists use this and I am shocked public health never advocate

Mix 6oz water (can be distilled or sterilized, up to you and I would prefer that), 1/2 teaspoon real salt (Celtic, Redmonds, any pure salt without additives), and 2 teaspoons povidone iodine or hydrogen peroxide. That should be about the right amount for one treatment…so you may need to make this daily…

Just put some in mouth, swish and spit…no swallowing, and do this 2-3 times a day, especially if you think you went outside and were possibly exposed.

Dip a Q-tip in the solution; stick the Q-tip inside the tip of your your nostril; clean out the tip and insides of your nostrils by rolling the Q-tip around; move the Q-tip around inside the nostrils…if you can, use a nasal spray and get it up there in the back of the throat e.g. lavage…don’t swallow, spit it out.

Key: never swallow any of these as they are bitter and not meant to swallow…use SCOPE or Listerine (gargle) to get the after taste out for povidone is bitter…just swish and spit…the virus lands in the nostrils and nasal hairs and epithelial layer for a few days…first…our mucosal (mucosae) innate immunity (secretory IgA and NK cells) will start working to prevent infection but we can vanquish the pathogen and not just COVID…any virus this way. Dentists and others who work with inside of mouths and oral exposure use this and it keeps them safe. It protects them.