Democrat or Republican, this is not politics, this is about life & saving lives; the COVID injection DOES not work, I hope Bourla's situation shows you, so protect yourself, our inept governments

by Paul Alexander

locked us down too long & hard & I with Scott Atlas & Tenenbaum & McCullough & Risch begged them not to, now opening up but vulnerable, especially elderly; vax fails, USE nasal-oral washes

Even with a mild virus like omicron BA.5 clade, those who are elderly and immune-compromised or have COPD and lung issues and there are many like that, you can get into trouble.

It is important for I fear that many at risk people e.g. in our private homes even for we locked down too long and too hard, there was no taxing and tuning up of the immune system and no boosting by natural exposure, they will be in trouble for while Omicron is mild, many stayed in the basement too long, have no background immunity, and the vaccine does not work to protect the upper airways and vaccinal antibodies wane fast and worthless; yet as we open up, people are being exposed for the vaccine program is maintaining constant infectious pressure and so you will be exposed and infected, many likely with no symptoms yet some will be in trouble. But have no background immunity (innate immune systems were prevented from training) and the vaccine is a disaster. Remember, the vaccine is such a disaster that it is causing the vaccinee to become infected.

‘The C-19 mass vaccination program has clearly illustrated that vaccination does not work in an environment where the virus rapidly spreads and merely promotes natural selection and expansion in prevalence of viral variants that escape potentially neutralizing vaccine-induced Abs. No vaccine technology is currently capable of competing with the type of protective immunity that a pandemic confers to the population. The resulting herd immunity is typically broadly protective and sterilizing and therefore dramatically reduces viral transmission. No single vaccine can provide protective population immunity when used during a pandemic. Mass vaccination campaigns result in a type of population immunity that has exactly the opposite effect in that they promote viral transmission by virtue of natural selection of more infectious immune escape variants. As trained innate immunity is a cornerstone of herd immunity, all efforts to protect the population should focus on enabling herd immunity in ways that keep hospitalization and morbidity rates as low as possible. Vaccines will ultimately have the opposite effect whereas strengthening the population’s innate immune system (via healthy lifestyle) while avoiding overcrowding combined with use of nasal-oral washes (povidone iodine 10% diluted or hydrogen peroxide diluted), early outpatient treatment of  those with a weakened innate immune system (e.g., the elderly and those with underlying disease) are the holy grail for effectively and rapidly driving the virus into endemicity and minimizing the toll on human lives.’

So please, use the nasal-oral washes to prevent infection, use povidone or hydrogen peroxide, keep the oral and nasal passage cleaned out, 3-5 times a day, quick, swish and spit, no swallow. We have placed it in the second row of the early treatment algorithm for it is the top most step and early treatment won’t be needed if you do this routinely and properly. See my stack, please read again.

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Povidone Iodine 10% or hydrogen peroxide (diluted) nasal-oral wash; this is the way out for nations that locked down too long & hard, waited for a failed COVID injection; not HCQ/IVM, use nasal wash
They had you waiting for a vaccine (injection) that failed and could have never worked. Ever. These injections were never shown to be safe. See how we have (I am part of this early treatment group) now added the nasal-oral wash in the second row of the treatment algorithm (we argue up to 6 times per day or to your convenience) that we published. It show…
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