Democrats, radicals, deepstate, RINOs are trying to tear the nation apart; yes, going after Trump but wanting us at war with law enforcement, police etc.; NO! Rank & file are good people; we must not

by Paul Alexander

stoop to evil and bad ways; we have to deal with these malfeasants at the polls, in the courts, civilly but we have to clean house and fast; but calm down, step back, civilly; don't fall for the bait!

Vote people, vote. Yes, you may no trust and dislike the republicans and I do not like them either, but they are not the cause today of the devastation in the US, it is the democrats. Hard hard and lots and get every damn democrat out, house and senate! Again, we use the polls and the courts to settle our issues and we can win this! It is easy to get upset here and this is not right what has happened when you consider the wrongs on the other side and they appear to skate. So I think if we ensure we vote, and we study this properly and use the courts, and educate, share information. They want you angry and upset and acting out. No! That is not the answer.