Democrats worry they peaked too soon ahead of midterms; please if there is a God, deliver us from this Biden administration MADNESS; close the border, fix street crime, stop Fentanyl, stop nuclear war

by Paul Alexander

I sure hope so, I will take Slick Willie again or Bush who got us into war & shed blood & treasure needlessly; hell I will take Obama again with his Iran & jihadi fetish, why? Biden is destroying US

Start a Novena fast, let us pray. This leftist diabolical radical socialist madness has to end! And btw, we want no RINOs and no deballed republicans.


Democrats worry they peaked too soon ahead of midterms

‘Democrats have cause for concern that they’re fading at a bad time ahead of the midterm elections after a summer surge fostered optimism that the party could buck historical trends and retain control of Congress.

A New York Times-Siena College poll released Monday found Republicans held a 49-45 lead over Democrats in the generic ballot roughly one month before November’s elections. That represents a shift from September, when the same poll found Democrats leading Republicans by 1 percentage point.’