Denmark is 90% (70% boosted) vaccinated yet sees among highest infections, with death curve to follow (a numbers game even with mild OMICRON), but its over for them; ENOUGH!) THEY ARE DONE with COVID!

by Paul Alexander

New Zealand, Austria and illogical, irrational, nonsensical nation governments must take note from Denmark; you are harming your nation by lockdowns and restrictions; denies herd immunity



I have written this near 20 months now, if you lock down and impose harder lockdowns and continue them, and impose restrictions, you are only delaying the inevitable and denying your population moving closer to population immunity, in establishing some level of societal protection; it is insane for each time you open, you will have to lock down again; and the more you did this insanity as we have seen, you damage your society and will inevitably have nothing to emerge to. You harm your people and cause deaths from the collateral damage and negative impacts that are sure to be decades long.

So in the graph produced this morning, we see the surge in infections (OMICRON) and even deaths as the death curve will come due to fact that deaths lag, and its a pure numbers game given the massive burden of infection, but on the heels of this, DENMARK is saying ENOUGH! They are done with COVID! I graphed India to show how a nation with limited vaccination relative to Denmark handled COVID using cheap therapeutics as prophylaxis and treatment.

Again, New Zealand, be warned. Be very warned. Australia, it is time to open up and stop your insanity. You asked for 2 weeks to bend the curve too and admit that it is you the govt and health system that failed. Like in US, Canada, UK, all such nations. You got money for PPE yet failed. Who in government stole the PPE money? Who got bogus contracts? Who embezzled tax payer money? The virus is a respiratory mutable virus that you can NEVER ever stop with lockdowns. An age-risk stratified approach (focused protection) was all that was needed. You did not need to cause so much damage to your people. You governments are savage beasts.

“It may seem strange, that we want to remove restrictions given the high infection rates,” Frederiksen said in an interview with AP. “But fewer people become seriously ill.” WND reports that Denmark is seeing an average of 46,000 new Omicron cases each day, but only 46 people are in ICU.