Denmark: it is over! We are done with fraud fake COVID vaccines; none for kids! "Danish News Round-Up: Danish government no longer recommending vaccines for children"; so why is CDC, NIH doing this?

by Paul Alexander

PM defends the decision: According to Brostrøm, the vaccination of children last autumn and winter did little to slow the spread of the virus. Wow! Just Wow! It took these government idiots this long!

Some say Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla are criminals and malfeasant and nefarious in what will happen to our children who do not need these COVID jabs and which could seriously harm them. I have tried hard not to conclude but I am leaning there. I think its a combo of ineptness, stupidity, moronity (new word), and malfeasance by US, Canadian health authorities. The government, well their bureaucrats and technocrats are just pure idiotic and pure dumb as rocks. I do want them all held to account one day and soon, in a court room, for they know what they are doing is wrong and has no research or evidentiary basis.

At least the Nordic nations, fooled in the beginning, have understand the fraud. At least this step protects the kids.