"Denmark to End Most COVID Restrictions & 'Welcome the Life We Knew Before'": "...Goodbye to the restrictions & welcome the life we knew before...46,000 daily cases yet approx 40 in ICU; it is OVER!

by Paul Alexander

Yes, big move by the DANES and exceptional, it is about time, they know COVID is OVER! It was DONE more than a year now! It is time for all global nations to declare the emergency OVER!

We have been saying this and we are seeing the house of cards coming down.


Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on January 26 Denmark would be throwing out most of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions it placed, including mask mandates.

Restrictions currently in place are for the public to wear masks on public transportations, in restaurants, in shops, and people entering healthcare facilities and retirement homes, according to the Associated Press. However, following the February 1 change of restrictions, masks will only be required in hospitals, healthcare facilities and homes for the elderly.

"We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we knew before," Frederiksen said. "As of Feb. 1, Denmark will be open."

Denmark Ends COVID Restrictions