Depopulation, the COVID gene injection (mRNA Pfizer and Moderna) is depopulation, it is meant to depopulate, it is a bioweapon, a 'slow kill' biological weapon preying on us now; all involved jailed!

by Paul Alexander

If I wanted to build a bioweapon and slow kill a population, I would bring these very same COVID gene injections and roll them out the very same way, into the teeth of an ongoing pandemic

Take their money and jail them all, from Fauci and Francis Collins, to Ashish Jha, to Bourla and Bancel, all of them, deep prison time and if a judge declares the death penalty after proper legal trials for the lives lost due to the lockdowns and fraud gene injection, then we must impose it. We spare none, even Prime Ministers.

Only after proper legal inquiries but God help me, if a judge rules the death penalty is on the table for the lives lost due to the lockdown and gene injection lunacy, then put it on the table. For what these beasts did. Put the death penalty on the table.