DeSantis & Trump: Both or either MUST incorporate immediate stopping of liability protection (PREP Act, COVID measures) as part of their campaign for any chance of being elected; if not, NO DEAL!

by Paul Alexander

These bitch*s, vaccine makers, alphabets CDC, HHS etc. involved in COVID lockdowns, OWS, & vaccine policies protected from liability, except public; this must be reversed immediately; please comment

These bitch*s protected themselves and Azar damaged Trump with this and this is why we are here, these malfeasants had no data or science to underpin any of they COVID lockdown lunatic polices or fraud ineffective and dangerous gene injection so called vaccine, so ran roughshod on us, were power-drunk, money drunk. We want this reverse, this liability protection so that we can take these beasts into courts and destroy them and get it set so we can take retroactive actions.

We need to grind these untermensche malfeasants to the ground, take these agencies down to the studs.

Please comment.