DeSantis will not run for POTUS now, he will be damaged in a primary, Trump no matter how much you dislike his behavior & I too have questions on OWS & the fraud vaccine, is the BEST person to fix US

by Paul Alexander me someone more optimal, I WILL consider them; Kennedy is a serious candidate and principled and I love his vaccine stance but I am no liberal; Kennedy Trump debates will be superb

DeSantis will withdraw. Trump is best positioned to be the next POTUS. Unless they find a way to imprison him or he is physically harmed. I do not put it past the powers at be to do the latter. Trump is that much of a threat and remains the most powerful ex-POTUS and will always be. You see Rush was right, the media and deepstate did not ‘create’ Trump, you the people did, and only ‘you’ the people can stop Trump. No media, none of the RINOs, no deepstate unless they harm him. He has to be very concerned about his safety. To me, it is about who can get the job done and if Trump is on deck with vengeance too, then he is the best one. We need vengeance. We need someone like Trump (and if you find another, I will consider) who loves nation, he loves America, loves flag, borders, languange, American culture, God fearing, protects life, law and order, anthem, constitution, police, military, justice etc. Love him or hate him, this is who he is and this is why I support him. I do not care about his personality etc.

Yet my sense is that because he is a christian, alpha male, conservative, strong, white male, he is villified and denigrated and this is the tragedy today in woke crazy America. The orange hair etc. does not help him;-)

But I support him.

My sense, if I read this right, is that DeSantis will withdraw, if not now, early in any primary for Trump will hurt him and we cannot afford that. I like Ron, but not now. No learning curve and we need a monster up in there now, like Trump. To take no prisoners and to punish the beasts for all they did re COVID lunacy and under Biden and even his prior admin to hurt America. He has to punish his own prior people too. No one must escape judgement and accountability.

But Trump must stand against the lockdowns that killed many and the fraud OWS vaccine and even some of the drugs like Remdesivir that killed. He must call them all out and name the conspirators and then jail them all and if judges in proper legal inquiries say the death penalty is on the table, we place the death penalty on the table.

America must wake up and be prepared to see senior high level people, rich people too, in orange jumpsuits in shackles. We have to have one legal system and it can happen.

Every single alphabet health agency, HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID etc. must be razed to the floor, taken down to the studs, fumigated, and most 100 to 200 top level fired, and the agencies re-located. Immediately. And those who are shown to have made policies that caused deaths in COVID, must be imprisoned.