DEVASTATING Australian NSW data showing the quadrupled COVID mRNA vaccinated (4 shots) have massive spikes in hospitalization & death! Data as of December 2022 and NOTE: dose response & no vaxx

by Paul Alexander

Same data emerged in Alberta and globally now and it is clear that the COVID gene injection is a grave problem & while we were attacked & smeared for saying this early on, it is time to END it!

Keep in mind that wherever there has been elevated COVID vaccine rates, there are elevated excess infections and deaths. Period! The data is stable. And I refer to the mRNA platform especially yet were have serious problems with the mRNA as well as DNA platform.

Globally, especially in US and Canada and UK and Australia and New Zealand etc., our governments have engaged in the most widespread and devastating cover-up, one that has left us vulnerable and where many of us will die from these shots. They harmed us by censoring us and we were unable to get the message out to more people. We went and mandated our precious police and military and border agents and key people in society, our judges and nurses etc. And I confess, I admit that many will die in time. I am so sad by this and we are trying to at the least inform the public to not touch this deadly injection. No more!

A subscriber raised a point and I wish to add it here:

It is not only the COVID gene injection deaths, no, we have deaths from the legacy of the lockdowns and inability to get medical care that was prohibited as in the lunacy they said no one could get care for heart issues, cancer, diabetes, ONLY COVID, recall that lunacy??? Many died then and are now dying as the disease sequelae has progressed. As well as massive deaths due to how our elderly and vulnerable were treated in the medical system with isolation, toxic drugs (paralytics like midazolam), sedation, Remdesivir, ventilation. All of these conspired together to kill our peoples. Our precious elderly were horribly treated and killed! We need justice!

And all this on top of the corrupted manner they count if your hospitalization or death or even infection is due to vaccine or unvaccinated status for we knew and showed many times, this is and was always a pandemic of the vaccinated, NOT the unvaccinated.

SOURCE (you can go here and plot too if you wish):


Hospital (in ICU):


Hospitalized and death:

Summary table Hospitalized and death:

The above stunning very concerning data is supported by the data in the below substack I prior put out:

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