Devastating autopsy findings in Germany reported by Schwab et al.: autopsies performed on 25 of 35 people who died suddenly & within 20 days after COVID mRNA technology vaccines; 71% linked to vaccine

by Paul Alexander

final diagnoses was consistent with a vaccine injury syndrome including myocardial infarction, worsening heart failure etc.; 5 had acute myocarditis as causing death without detection of another cause

Key finding:

i)35 initial sudden deaths within 20 days of mRNA COVID gene injection

ii)10 removed as not linked to vaccine, leaving 25, meaning 70% of persons who die within 20 days post COVID vaccine, the vaccine is the leading etiological likely causative agent

iii)in approximately 20% of the 25, researchers concluded death was due to ‘acute (epi-)myocarditis without detection of another significant disease or health constellation that may have caused an unexpected death.’

iv)researchers reported that ‘histology showed patchy interstitial myocardial T-lymphocytic infiltration, predominantly of the CD4 positive subset, associated with mild myocyte damage.’

v) ‘overall, autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic cardiac failure.’

The research lead Schwab et al. to conclude that myocarditis is likely a lethal complication post mRNA technology gene injection (anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination).