DEVASTATING! AWFUL: Six Year Old CANADIAN Girl DIES After Suffering MASSIVE Stroke, we suspect vaccine induced and messages from close people say so, MUST be investigated, it has begun!

by Paul Alexander

Our hearts break for we told them so, just one death is too much and if it was due to the shot, Trudeau must answer. For he and his lockdown vaccine lunacy & his Njoo and Tam have deranged the society

It is difficult to imagine the pain the parents are going through. We stand by them and they deserve privacy yet we seek answers, societally. Devastating! Our prayers and best we remain silent for there are no words!

Trudeau et al., all those at Health Canada, at PHAC, who played a role must be investigated and jailed if shown it is the vaccine definitively. It is! We know. We want proper legal inquiries, no kangaroo court, allow all sides to defend actions but if we show this child died due to this mandated forced shot, we imprison all linked to this.