DEVASTATING four (4) UK graphs that paint a 'KILLING FIELDS' picture & by extrapolation, in Canada, America, UK etc.; they killed our elderly parents with midazolam, by withholding antibiotics & DNR

by Paul Alexander

COVID protocol: admit with PCR false positive, isolate, sedate (midazolam/morphine), Remdesivir (kidney/liver toxic), intubate/ventilate, no antibiotics, died dehydrated, malnourished, DNR orders, $$

Big money, yes money money money is and remains at the heart of this, coupled to real power-drunkenness and evil and malevolence.

The COVID protocol in US, Canadian, UK, Australian hospitals etc. killed 10,000s of our parents and grand-parents and it is for this that we never give them quarter and we never let them come up for air and we keep fighting for justice and accountability. We created a pandemic of deaths, we killed people needlessly for what I and people like Dr. Mike Yeadon argue was never a pandemic. Read that again, this never ever was a pandemic, we actually created deaths by what we did to our people in the medical system and this fraud mRNA technology gene injection. It is driving infectious variants and deaths. The dominant XBB 1.5 sub-variant is the mildest ever, not killing elderly enmasse etc., then ask yourself, what is killing young persons today? What is driving the excess deaths?

The graphs are coming below, yet I wanted to introduce this harrowing topic.

What we have done history will show was monstrous and I have said before, we let proper courts investigate and have trials, but if shown those involved in COVID, from lockdowns to the fraud gene injection killed people, then I say hang them high!

Makis asked, were all/a majority of the deaths due to toxic sedation and denial of antibiotics for pneumonia, labelled as COVID deaths when they were due to the sedation and/or denial of antibiotics?


In Canada, the alarms were ringing loud as nurses and doctors in Canadian hospitals left our elderly (parents and grand-parents) to die in isolation, dehydrated and malnourished in her/his feces, no one would touch them:

‘Staff reported that not only were physical barriers put up to keep people confined to their rooms, but medications such as antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and other sleeping medications have been used to sedate and restrict the movement of people’

‘Dr. Fred Mather, president of Ontario Long Term Care Clinicians and the medical director at Sunnyside Home in Kitchener, Ont., explains that unfortunately, not only are medications such as antipsychotics associated with significant side-effects, but they have also been proven ineffective’

‘He warns that antipsychotics come with a "black-box warning" for the elderly. Stall says they increase the "risk of stroke, falls and all-cause mortality, and are not recommended for frail, older adults’




4 graphs:

Let us first look at the UK data

Graphs 1 and 2: what do they show as to the excess mortality surge (April 2020 or so and January-February 2021 or so), and the surge in Midazolam 10mg/2ml use? Are they yoked together, moving together near perfectly? Remember, the surges in deaths (excess deaths) flow soon after the initial COVID mRNA technology gene injections and boosters etc. Yet focus on 2020 and 2021…see jikkyleaks:

Now the 2 graphs:

Jikkyleaks: “This is the data for midazolam prescribing from the UKs official prescriber database”

“the spike in midazolam prescription (on this *GP* database) was driven almost entirely by injectable 10mg/2ml doses. This was not the anxiolytic oral form. It's a euthanasia injection.”

Dr. William Makis states:

‘The key here is that this spike in Midazolam use was outside the Hospital setting (in Long Term Care homes).’ see Dr, Makis’s substack below. Makis presents this 3rd graph (table) below and pay attention to the 2nd row year 2020, 4th month and you can see most of the advanced age ranges are red. That is where the excess deaths accrued in the UK in 2020 in the 4th month or so. Data in Canada and US will look same.

Besides the opioid (Morphine) and benzodiazepine (midazolam) combo, there was a denial of antibiotics to treat bacterial pneumonia and there was a surge in deaths due to this also (secondary bacterial pneumonia due to the viral respiratory illness).

The 4th graph below shows the actual versus predicted/projected prescriptions for antibiotics in UK for 2017 to 2022. The dotted red line is the calculated difference.

See 4th graph below and what do you see? We see by the 8th month of 2020, a dramatic drop in antibiotic prescribing that lasts to approximately 8th month of 2021, relative to predicted use, and a surge in the calculated difference (red dotted line) from the 8th month that peaks at the 2nd month of 2021. In other words, as we were pumping our vulnerable elderly with midazolam and morphine (as well as toxic Remdesivir that is kidney and liver toxic), we were with holding needed antibiotics (for pneumonia) and this tracks tightly with the excess mortality in the 1st graph above.

See Dr. Makis’s excellent substack that helped also inform me (Canada):

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Midazolam murders - were the elderly in Long Term Care homes killed with euthanasia drugs and labeled as COVID-19 deaths?
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