DEVASTATING! Injecting children with COVID vaxx (FDA, CDC) is going to be deadly!; there is no way you can control a pandemic without having herd immunity; means you must cut the chain of transmission

by Paul Alexander

In reducing the transmission rate, you can protect people who are not immunized as they did not bump up against the virus or their innate immune system is too weak to respond

Firstly, we cannot have these discussions without understanding the viral host ecosystem. The viral host dynamics. It is not a stable condition, not a stable equilibrium, and it will evolve. It is happening now we argue. There will be evolution as long as there is no stable equilibrium between virus and host immune system.

I am writing this as I have understood it from lots of learning from GVB. I am trying to explain it to you. Bear with me please.

Note: at the core, the main culprit, the reason we have catastrophe with these COVID shots is the non-neutralizing antibodies that exert sub-optimal immune pressure on the virus’s spike. We seek to explain everything with this as a basis.

By exposing the population to the virus, you ‘train’ their innate immune system and the training happens early in life, in infants, children, young adolescents etc. But if you inject people that induce antibodies with non-neutralizing capacity and cannot optimally neutralize the virus. Omicron is largely resistant to the vaccinal antibodies. The non-neutralizing antibodies do bind to the virus’s spike still but they do not prevent infection and actually enhance infectiousness of the virus and thus why vaccinated people are at high risk of viral infection post vaccine. Than the non-vaccinated.

But adults and adolescents can offer some resistance to the binding of these sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies as their innate immune system was ‘trained’ with exposure etc. and their trained innate antibodies have greater affinity for the virus and are not that easily outcompeted by vaccinal antigen-specific antibodies that bind to the virus. Know that we are talking about non-neutralizing antibodies that are also directed to the spike protein.

But when this occurs in young children, infants etc., if their maternal antibodies wane (passed from mother to child), they must start training of their innate immune system and the training happens when they are exposed to environmental factors that trains the immune system.

The innate immune system then gets stronger to recognize the pathogen in the future. Better and better. But before the innate training can happen, we are pushing via FDA and CDC to vaccinate kids with vaccines that no longer induce neutralizing antibodies but can still bind to the virus, the training of the innate antibodies will not take place and the innate antibodies are very naïve, not trained, low affinity and can readily be outcompeted by vaccinal antigen-specific antibodies. The innate antibodies are also blocked from binding to the virus. If the vaccinal antigen specific antibodies had neutralizing capacity (we not non-neutralizing), this would be no problem e.g. we know in omicron etc., it’s sub-variants and clades are largely resistant to the vaccinal antibodies. We know this.

But the strength of the non-neutralizing antibodies will prevent the innate antibodies (or B-cells that produce the innate antibodies) from getting trained and from producing innate antibodies with greater affinity for the virus and thus can protect the kids against COVID and it’s variants. Innate antibodies recognize the virus in a different way that vaccinal antibodies recognize the virus e.g. innate recognize patterns e.g. glycans/sugar patterns on the virus surface of corona virus and these patterns (sugars) are similar on the various variants.

When innate immunity is ‘trained’, it can effectively eliminating the virus. Once someone has trained innate and is exposed to the virus. It can eliminate the virus.

Why do we vaccinate our kids with live attenuated virus in 2022? Why, when we can produce non-replicating virus today that is safer than live attenuated vaccines. Why? Because the live attenuated vaccines are far more effective due to them being live, they enable training of the innate immune system. The trained innate immune system will be then able to effectively eliminate the virus the next time the virus comes along, so will greatly reduce the transmission of the virus in the population and thus contribute to herd immunity in the population. We use live attenuated vaccines for illnesses that are not seasonal like measles, to maintain herd immunity. Yes, we do this for diseases like mumps, rubella, measles etc. to maintain herd immunity.

What is the impact? If we stop kids from training their innate immune system then, it will be devastating against their individual immune defense against pathogen, but the trained innate immunity is capable of eliminating virus and reducing transmission in the population. If this is not taking place in kids, children any more in immunologically naïve children, this elimination of virus, then children will no longer partake in contributing to herd immunity in the population, and by vaccinating with non-neutralizing vaccines with induced non-neutralizing antibodies, evidence shows the vaccines (non-neutralizing antibodies) enhances the infection, infectiousness of the virus. The vaccinee, the children, will be then incredibly susceptible to infection. Remember herd immunity works to protect people who are susceptible by dramatically reducing transmission to them. They have a weak immune system e.g. elderly etc. so herd immunity protects them.

Herd immunity functions to protect persons by diminishing transmission, but with non-neutralizing antibodies, the population becomes susceptible to infection. Herd immunity dramatically reduces transmission. Mass vaccination is now inducing non-neutralizing antibodies and the vaccinated is more susceptible to infection. From the individual perspective and the public health perspective, it is a coming disaster! By moving to vaccinate children.

This is why we do not vaccinate our children with these COVID injections!!!!!!!! If we vaccinate children, we take them off the immunological battlefield and they can no longer contribute to herd immunity. Children are a critical component in getting to herd immunity and needs training of their innate immune system to do this. If you cannot have a dramatic impact in viral transmission, you cannot stop the virus.

Remaining unvaccinated, if our kids remain unvaccinated, our healthy children, they would maintain their functional innate immune systems.

Note I wanted to mention again, we are seeing enhanced infectiousness in the upper respiratory tract (URT) due to the non-neutralizing antibodies (Abs), yet the same vaccinal Abs are preventing severe disease in the lower respiratory tract (deep in the lung/alveoli) (LRT). Research shows in vitro, non-neutralizing Abs can prevent severe illness. Yet it is due to the binding of the non-neutralizing Abs to the N-terminal domain of the Spike protein (not binding to the receptor binding domain); the non-neutralizing Abs are inducing sub-optimal immune pressure on the virus virulence. Yes, you are seeing some protection against severe illness in the LRT while there is increased infection in the URT.

But there is evolution occurring and this is not stable. In the outset, in the beginning when we started the mass vaccination (February 2021 or so), we suppressed viral infectiousness in URT and then it returned (virus came back) with variants that were more infectious. That overcame the sub-optimal immune pressure and selected for infectious variants. Same thing is going to happen we think in the LRT. We are now suppressing the virulence/lethality of the virus and thus it is very likely the virus will return with variants that are more virulent, and will override this immune pressure on viral virulence. Remember, variants were selected that overcame viral infectiousness in the URT. Variants that were very much more infectious. We argue soon variants will be selected (due to non-neutralizing Abs putting pressure on spike and virulence) that will overcome viral virulence in LRT.

Variants would be selected, that are more virulent, that would over-ride the immune pressure on virulence. And we will have in front of us, a major catastrophe for it will then be both infectious, and also virulent/lethal and will ravage the elderly but also children. Could devastate humanity!

The COVID non-neutralizing injections MUST be stopped and are not to be given to our children!