Devastating mid-term results directly due to the harms & loss of freedoms, liberties due to lockdowns & pandemic response & fraud COVID mRNA Pfizer vaccine; people are unforgiving on it & rightly so

by Paul Alexander

Unmarried women broke big time for democrats, why? It was fear that SCOTUS & others will move on outlawing abortions; I am pro-life but they are fearful about their 'freedoms', they should be

I still support Trump but his pandemic response that he allowed Francis Collins and Fauci and Birx to enact, have devastated the republicans they own it and will wear it until the right people own up to the hurt and losses, the needless deaths, the killing of their parents and loved ones in hospitals with terrible treatment, abuse, isolation, misery, sedation with diamorphine and midazolam, forcing kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir as standard of care, and devastating killing intubation and ventilation that blew holes in already trauma-ed lungs. What a cluster f*ck of a painful disaster we visited upon our elderly. Those who did this must pay dearly, financially and prison time.

Trump sat atop the 2 greatest public health disasters in history and must own it before people support, both sides. The mid-terms are a reflection of a host of pandemic response issues all tangled up. I don’t pretend to be the smartest person, but I too am trying to grapple with it.

Make no mistake as you search for answers. The mid-terms terrible results were due to the pain and suffering people still feel due to the failed pandemic response e.g. lockdowns and school closures where children hung themselves, the fraud harmful vaccine and no one, not even POTUS Trump has taken ownership. That is the only way republicans will see power again. Republicans own the pandemic disaster. Imagine, failed border, high gas, inflation, worst societal situation in recalled history, cost of living, crime on streets, drugs pouring in from the Southern border with jihadists etc. and a bumbling incoherent declining POTUS and republicans could not win? Women, unmarried women were right to say NO, and vote for democrats, for they fear that more freedoms will be encroached upon. Unmarried women broke for democrats. Why do you think?

When people say ‘no, SCOTUS, no one will outlaw abortions, relax, do not fear’, women do not believe that. If I were a woman, I would also not trust and I am pro-life as a man. I understand though their concerns. Very real. Our liberties and freedoms were decimated in the pandemic response and no one is to believe anyone anymore, until the right people own up to the devastations of COVID. That they allowed. Both sides will gravitate. This is a debate about freedoms and how a republican POTUS took it away or allowed it to be taken away by Fauci and Birx. Oh, they hollowed him out just good. They toppled him. He just does not know it. As I said before, July 2020 there was no path to victory, I was there, and the internals said was due to the lockdowns and pain and suffering of school closures and the loss of freedoms. They toppled Trump by taking away freedoms and by extension, hurt the republican party long-term.

They did it with the lockdown lunacy, and Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins ensured republicans will never see power again. Not only toppled Trump, they set the loss up for good. You just do not see it yet!