DEVASTATING Negative efficacy booster; Public Health Scotland weekly COVID report, table 24, page 38, repost of table but this table is critical & IMO, no great difference between UK and Scotland

by Paul Alexander

CATASTROPHIC 2nd dose and booster dose, seems in my glean the 2nd dose is devastating, massive infection results, as does with booster; share this...this is the money shot; too much vaccine FAST

It is not only the mass vaccination, but in some sense it is those nations that vaccinate aggressively, too quickly, of hundreds of thousands and millions; we are seeing that it is the nations where there is delay, a slower roll out of vaccine, that the infections are not rising as fast and this is very interesting. As if there is ‘learning’ taking place, some form of immunity growing in the unvaccinated population as they are continuously exposed and GVB suggests this. I am unpacking and trying to pull it together to share.

There is too much vaccinated population and far less population immunity. Very dangerous and we warned, we warned to open up fast. We told them it is the mass vaccination into a pandemic that would cause this, cause variants and massive breakthrough infection, using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus; thats the key, had it stopped transmission then we would he having a different debate and some chance of success. But we can never cut the chain of transmission with a sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine, 100% we cannot. And so once we continue to mass vaccinate with ongoing infectious viral pressure onto the population, with simultaneous immune pressure on the spike from the vaccinal antibodies, with a non-sterilizing vaccine, then it is not IF, but WHEN and HOW FAST will natural selection cull forward the most infectious variants that could overcome the mounting immune pressure. We are living it now and seeing it in the UK and Scottish data, and Israeli data etc. Danish data.

Scotland most up to date data:

UK most up to date data: