DEVASTATING NEGATIVE EFFICACY Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report As at 31January 2022 Publication date: 02 February 2022

by Paul Alexander

The Scottish data mirrors the latest UK data that the vaccine is driving escalations in infection, hospitalization, and deaths especially in the double vaccinated (vaccinated on the whole)

The findings are once again devastating and shows that the vaccinated is getting massively infected especially the double vaccinated and it appears that the unvaccinated are getting less infected; this lines up with GEERT Vanden Bossche’s assertion that there is ‘learning’ or ‘training’ of the innate Abs in the unvaccinated…

In Scotland, there has been a very high uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine. As of 28 January 2022, 89.6% of 18 years old and over have received a second dose and 73.6% have received a third dose or booster of COVID-19 vaccine.

What do we see in Table 14? Page 41.

We see that the double vaccinated are at greatest risk of infection and that the unvaccinated continues to be at lowest risk. The boostered (triple vaccinated) is also at elevated risk of infection over the unvaccinated. Rates have increased for all vaccine statuses since the emergence of Omicron in December.


Hospitalization risk, again highest for the double vaccinated:


As seen, the risk of death is far greater over the unvaccinated, when one is single or double vaccinated, looking at the most current week (grey rows) 15 Jan to 21 Jan, 2022.