DEVASTATING negative efficacy UK COIVD data week 4, 2022; BOOSTER data; COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 4, 27 January 2022, relative to week 3

by Paul Alexander

Again, we see that boosters 3 rd dose are markedly more infected for ages 30 an above across ages; we look at case & mortality data (unadjusted); graph of Israel, Denmark, France, Germany, Australia

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 4 27 January 2022

Table 10 page 43 week 4

Table 13. Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations week 4

How does the week 4 data compare to the week 3 UK data unadjusted data?

We see age groups 30-39 and 40-49 showing much more infection week 4 over week 3 and something very fascinating is happening. If you look at the unvaccinated column, you can see that from week 3 to week 4, there is less infection in the UNVACCINATED from age bands 30 and above. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is arguing (in my understanding) that the natural INNATE immune system is going through ‘training’ in the unvaccinated given those persons are continuously under infectious pressure and as such, are becoming less susceptible to the virus. Especially among the ‘older’ age bands. I find intriguing in that this will place the unvaccinated in a better position to handle the vaccine ‘if vaccinated’ as their innate antibodies (better trained) will be able to stave off being ‘outcompeted’ by the vaccinal antibodies.

I am going to show this to him for his explanation of what may be happening here.

The issue here is even in the midst of ‘mild’ omicron, the challenge is that its a pure ‘NUMBERS games’ and with the sheer numbers of infection, there will be increased hospitalization and death especially in the more vulnerable.

There is too much vaccinated population and far less population immunity. Very dangerous and we warned, we warned to open up fast. We told them it is the mass vaccination into a pandemic that would cause this, cause variants and massive breakthrough infection, using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus; thats the key, had it stopped transmission then we would he having a different debate and some chance of success. But we can never cut the chain of transmission with a sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine, 100% we cannot. Non-sterilizing vaccine with sub-optimal ‘immature’ and ‘not fully developed’ vaccinal antibodies that cannot eliminate the virus. And so once we continue to mass vaccinate with ongoing MASSIVE infectious viral pressure onto the population, with simultaneous MASSIVE immune pressure on the spike from the mounting vaccinal antibodies, with a non-sterilizing vaccine, then it is not IF, but rather ‘WHEN’ and HOW FAST will natural selection cull forward the most infectious variants that could overcome the mounting immune pressure. We are living it now and seeing it in the UK and Scottish data, and Israeli data etc. Danish data.

How is the infection today in Israel, Denmark, France, Germany, Australia? It is staggering and reveals that the vaccine has failed, DOES NOT work on omicron and MUST be stopped. We are driving infectious variants and this can be catastrophic.

Key in the respective graphs are that:

i) the peaks are higher than the prior peak

ii) the plateau flat after the peak is baselining higher than prior

iii) pay attention to India and it shows the power of prophylaxis use of HCQ and IVM etc. far less vaccinated nation yet far less spike for omicron; of course we continue to monitor but this look very good.