Devastating RIVM Netherlands COVID vaccine report: 'Booster and repeat shot needed in the elderly to bring protection up to standard'; COVID injections (mRNA) DO NOT stop severe disease!

by Paul Alexander

Geert Vanden Bossche predicted that enhanced infectiousness we have seen with omicron yet limited severity in the lower respiratory tract, will be short lived and now data shows is increased severity

The thesis is that the blocking of severity in the lower lung (lower respiratory tract) would be reversed in time due to the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies that block severity, eventually being overcome (via selection pressure) and variants that cause more severe illness would emerge. The antigen specific vaccinal antibodies enhance infectiousness in the upper respiratory tract yet the same vaccinal antibodies block severity of illness in the lower respiratory tract.

Vaccinal antibodies that blocked transmission initially now facilitates infection. The same antibodies that are blocking severity in the lower lung will be overcome shortly (selection pressure) by ‘fitter’ variants and potentially cause severe illness. We argue that the severity or increased virulence we feared, has already started. And this is due to the sub-optimal antigen specific vaccinal antibodies placing pressure on the viral virulence binding sites on the spike.


Booster and repeat shot needed in the elderly to bring protection up to standard

Key data (note, I am translating from Dutch using Google translator so bear with me for mistakes as I built the table by hand ugh!; I think the data is right but some English may be wrong;-) but close enough):

Table 4: Vaccine Effectiveness (VE) Against Hospital and ICU Admission with 95% Confidence Interval (CI) in the period 15 March 2022 – 28 June 2022, per age group and time interval after the basic series and booster vaccination.

As you can see, there is negative effectiveness throughout whether 12-49 age band, or pronounced in 70+ age group. Negative effectiveness means one is more at risk of infection post injection. The injection is playing a role in facilitating infection.

We see declines in protection against severe illness for both hospitalization and intensive care (ICU). For example, protection against hospitalization in month one (0-4 weeks) went from 76% in boosted, to 54% by 5 months out. In persons 70 years old and above, protection against hospitalization (3rd column from the left) went from 85% month one to 48% by month 5.

After seven months (30 + weeks), vaccinated people 50 to 69 years old had a 68 percent greater risk of being hospitalized for COVID relative to the unvaccinated who had a 41 percent greater risk of needing intensive care. Again, negative effectiveness was abundant.

1Vaccination status at the time of estimated first day of illness (7 days before admission date). Week 0 after completion of basic series starts 14 days after the second dose of Comirnaty, Spikevax or Vaxzevria or 28 days after receiving the first dose of Janssen. Week 0 after booster vaccination and repeat shot starts 7 days after receiving the vaccination.

212-17 year olds were not eligible for the booster until March 7, 2022.

3The repeat shot was analyzed in the 60+ population