Devastating: US Army SLASHES pay for 60,000 soldiers who refuse to get jabbed as Biden cracks down on unvaccinated 40,000 National Guard soldiers & 22,000 reservists have still not been vaccinated

by Paul Alexander

Bravest, our military (like police) are being suffered for exercising their right of decisions; So Hunter B fondles himself, smokes crack, screws hoes, yet attends medal awards; but troops no pay?

How did Hunter get a front row seat? I sat there proud wanting to see who got this special award and I see Hunter, the crack whore? Does this guy not have any respect and at least want to respect his mother and father? I am not of their politics but I will never do that to my parents, no matter how old I get. He should respect his mother. This dude seems to have no regard for anyone. Is there anything else he can do? To me nothing left and word is the devil don’t want him in hell.

Is this what America has come to under Biden? I cannot believe Biden actually is in touch for I do not think he is a bad man, I think he does not know, I think sick twisted dark malfeasant people are in his administration doing this. Not him. Same happened in Trump’s, it the malfeasants around him that hurt him. Do you think I am too kind?

Yet hurt our military this way? For a failed non-neutralizing injection that drives infectious variants e.g. it is not the virus, it is the non-neutralizing induced vaccinal antibodies that has driven BA.5 and more to come, potentially more virulent lethal variants, and these bravest among us are being sacrificed by Biden et al. Who made this decision?

Yet Hunter sits up front, serial crack whore, screwing prostitutes and posting it in media, and doing all sorts of nasty crap as he films himself, fondles himself openly as per media, yet he gets to sit in the same room as these special folk? well some of them to me do not deserve that award (Presidential Medal of Freedom) but that is the POTUS to decide. Not me. Same way pardons are very questionable.

The devil is frowning and sent word to the White House that Hunter must live 100 more years, keep him safe and alive the devil pleaded, for there is no room for him in hell, they don’t want him there. Everyone is ancy. There is nothing worse for him to do and hell won’t challenge him and if he waits 100 years, they are building a place lower than hell for him that may take him, to be negotiated.

Yet Hunter can floss and fondle and we punish our military? Something stinks to high heavens.

‘The story of Hunter Biden is almost unbearably sordid, and it illustrates the truly appalling depths of depravity and degeneracy into which America’s “elite” families have sunk.’ Sensory deprivation tank??? Smoking crack and this is the crap we are dealt with societally? And the Biden administration punishes good brave military? This is insane on so many levels!

“More than 60,000 unvaccinated Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers will be barred from performing their military duties and have their pay and benefits cut because they refuse to get their shots, officials announced on Friday.

'Soldiers who refuse the vaccination order without an approved or pending exemption request are subject to adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to service, and official reprimands,' according to a statement from the Army.

There are about 40,000 National Guard soldiers and 22,000 Reserve soldiers how have not been vaccinated.”


US Army SLASHES pay for 60,000 soldiers who refuse to get jabbed as Biden cracks down on unvaccinated



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