DEVASTATING week 3 UK British PHE report today: COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 3, 20 January 2022; what do we see? TROUBLE abounds, see table 12, and yes, unadjusted but instructive

by Paul Alexander

See table 12 and some back calculations to week 2 data to frame this week's data...UK PHE tried to hide something but we seen them, se seen what they be up to...we caught them....its the double vaxxed

Week 3 UK report PHE:

What can I say? A devastating report again for the vaccinated…the MOAB is table 12, while unadjusted, tells a damning story…

Quick Coles notes, we see in table 12 they have omitted the double vaccinated (as in prior reports) and only present triple vax (the BOOSTED), and relative to the unvaccinated…why? is it that the data is devastating? and why now ‘cases’ and not ‘infections’??? why? pay attention to that.

We see cases (unadjusted rates) higher 30-30 age band and above…running true to form..

We do see that the rate of death is higher in the double vaccinated over the unvaccinated and this is alarming.

We do see on page 43 the statement: ‘(iii) recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels are lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.’ This continues to be troubling as it indicates that the vaccine is having a potentially damaging effect on natural immunity (long-term, long-lived immunity involving T (CD 4+ helper ‘orchestrating’ cells and CD 8+ killer cells) and memory B-cells).

We also see the double-vaccinated doing far worse than the boosted and a reasonable argument could be made that the boosted person is ill or dies lets say, prior to the cut off period to be counted as ‘boosted’ and this gets logged as ‘vaccinated/double vaccinated’. We think this person is boosted yet counted as not, and this is akin to the vaccinated counted as ‘unvaccinated’ if the 2 weeks period post shot is not reached yet the person dies e.g. at 10th day post shot. Its ludicrous. This can contribute to the vaccinated data being worse than the boosted data and we have to keep this in mind as we look at the findings.

We need for the data to settle out before drawing firm conclusions. But what we see is very very worrying and the UK data has indeed helped us across time to understand the damage due to the vaccines.

Let me show you the tabular data a bit more and this is where you focus:

Table 9, cases, as seen, vaccinated are more infected and make up the bulk of cases, even if you adjusted for the ‘unlinked’ > 30 years of age

Table 10: presenting to ER, we see younger unvaccinated highly represented and then old vaccinated from about 60 +

Table 12, the main table, focus on columns 2 and 3 from the left:

My friend Eugyppius ran some data and we do not re-invent the wheel and Eugyppius is incredibly nimble and smart, brilliant…so I lay out the modelling decided upon:

We use the raw numbers and rates from last week’s report to derive the total number of double and triple vaccinated, and the rates in this week’s report to derive the triple vaccinated population, leaving us with a decent estimate of the size of the double but not triple vaccinated population in each age bracket. I have accepted this modelling and data and we will discuss based on this as I have full confidence in Eugyppius’s work:

What do we see?

Well, it is in your face that this is a pandemic of the vaccinated!!! You can see this via 2 and 3 shots…and the double vaccinated are in trouble…massive virus in the double vaccinated…we knew this in the past data but see now how it stacks up to the booster 3rd shot…

What else? well lets look at deaths with 3rd shot booster:

We see that the numbers show the double vaccinated are in trouble as to deaths; we see greater numbers in the 50 and 60 age bands in the double vaccinated over booster reversed at 80.

If we look at the death data as rates, we see the double vaccinated greater at 70 age band and 80+over unvaccinated.