Devastating where 16 High School student died suddenly or unexpectedly after taking COVID-19 mRNA technology based vaccines - 16 cases in 2022' Makis lays out a picture set, this is painful at all

by Paul Alexander

levels & these mRNA technology inventors just parade around and give talks on horses and farms & when the bogus mass formation failed, now onto 5-G warfare with another bullshit 'misdirection' coming

Praise to Makis my Canadian colleague, he has joined me at TWC (giants like Harvey Risch, McCullough, Amerling, Gessling, myself, Ponesse etc.),

one of the best companies and ventures out there, on tap doing real good, founder put his money on the line to save lives. We are remaking health care. Yes, we have morons and idiots and IMO pure losers in other outfits badmouthing us for they can do squat, just navel staring but word is they are talking smack on our spike support formula yet trying to make their own. Let us see how deep the hypocracy can go! I do not include Bridle, this is a really a good human being, not a bad bone in this man’s body.


I plead with parents, please ensure your son and daughter (for it affects girls same based on Basel Switzerland data) take tests to exclude myocarditis or pericarditis before taking to the field again if you vaccinated them with the mRNA shots, demand from your doctor the D-dimer (shows if clotting), gadolinum chest MRIs, high-sensitivity troponin test, EKGs etc. Imperative else they can get cardiac arrest once the adrenaline surges due to the activity or stress and baths a myocardial scarred heart. The electrical conduction around the heart is already sub-optimal as that heart muscle is dead. Please exclude myocarditis before your teen takes to the field and NO MORE shots! And help us jail these people!

TWC’s founder Coulson ain’t no bullshitter money whore, he was moved by the loss of freedoms and the injustice and the deaths and harms in Canada and US and world from the lies of COVID and formed the US based company. I give huge props for founder shows stones of steel where most lack and talk drivel daily to get into your pants, pant pocket that is…

Broken Arrow, OK - 18 year old Trista Martin died suddenly on Nov.9, 2022 after she took Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab in July and didn’t tell her parents (click here)

Dallas, TX - 18 year old Kayla Rose Lumpkins died suddenly in her sleep on Sep.9, 2022, 7 months after her COVID-19 booster shot (click here)(click here)

Philippines (Quezon City) - 13 year old boy Biel Elioenai Cruz Tan had 2nd Pfizer dose on Jan.26, 2022, died suddenly on June 20, 2022 (click here)

Chicago, IL - 17 year old Gwen Casten, daughter of Congressman Sean Casten, died suddenly in her sleep of sudden cardiac arrhythmia on June 13, 2022 (click here)

Brazil - 15 year old boy Danylo Zinneck Nombre had 2nd Pfizer on Oct.19, 2021, 18 days later developed weakness in legs, blurred vision, diagnosed with Autoimmune Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis (BBE) a rare neurological disease, was 2 months in ICU & died on March 3, 2022 (click here)

Brazil - 18 year old Isabelle Correia G. de Souza received 3rd COVID-19 vaccine dose on Jan.25, 2022, started feeling ill on Feb.2, 2022, was taken to ICU and died on Feb.21, 2022 (click here)

Philippines - 17 year old boy Shan Costillas had 2nd Moderna dose on Jan.25, 2022, suffered seizures, stroke and died 4 days later on Jan.29, 2022

Brazil - 16 year old Anite Vitoria Ribeiro Bentivoglio had 2nd Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine on Oct.20, 2021, became ill, fatigue, vomiting, died Jan.20, 2022 (click here)

Ararangua, Brazil - 13 year old Vanessa Martins Figueiredo had Pfizer vaccine on Nov.9, 2021, symptoms started 5 days later with vomiting, paralysis, she died on Jan.10, 2022 (click here)(click here)

Brazil - 18 year old model Valentina Boscardin developed clots and died suddenly after 2 doses of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab, on Jan.9, 2022 (click here)

New Jersey - 13 year old boy had 2nd COVID-19 vaccine on June 6 2021, had a cardiac arrest on Dec.31, 2021 and died on Jan.4, 2022 (click here)

Japan - 19 year old had two Moderna jabs and Pfizer booster shot taken on July 29, 2022, found dead in bed 3 days later, cause of death: myocarditis

Uganda (Mpigi) - 14 year old boy Jonathan Luyinda was COVID-19 vaccinated with Pfizer without parent’s consent on Feb.8, 2022, and he died in July 2022 from multiple organ failure, mother is suing govt (click here)


Japan (Author: Nushida) - 14 year old girl died 2 days after Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab, Dec.2022 (click here)

USA (Author: Gill) - Two teenage boys died within week of 2nd Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab, both died of myocarditis (click here)

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
High School students who died suddenly or unexpectedly after taking COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 16 cases in 2022
Broken Arrow, OK - 18 year old Trista Martin died suddenly on Nov.9, 2022 after she took Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab in July and didn’t tell her parents (click here…
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