Devastatingly higher rates of postpartum hemorrhage were observed in pregnant women after the third (3rd) COVID gene injection dose (or 1st booster); needs to be confirmed with more study

by Paul Alexander

WARNING: Triple dose versus the unvaccinated and triple dose versus the double-dose vaccines dramatically escalates risk for postpartum hemorrhage in expectant women, as much as 3-4 fold increased ORs

Whether compared to the unvaccinated or double vaccinated, the risk of bleeding is dramatic once triple vaccinated.


Dr. McCullough shared this article and I felt needed showcasing in my stack. He has also.

There have been very low rates of COVID vaccine uptake by pregnant women and the rate has continuously plummeted and likely due to the adverse effects they are experiencing. Dr. McCullough reminded us of this in his recent seminal substack:

‘Throughout the campaign, enthusiasm for vaccination was tepid among gravid women with <20% at any time having accepted a vaccine. However, the sharpest decline in rates of uptake occurred in the gravid and by summer of 2022, fewer than 2% were getting vaccinated.’

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