Diabolical with this COVID GENE injection is what they did; it took us 3 to 4 years to see the impact of thalidomide on pregnant women, on the fetus with phocomelia limb malformations, remember that!

by Paul Alexander

Pregnant women took thalidomide for 3 to 4 years before the effects on the developing child was seen, I am warning you, very serious effects of the injection are coming! STOP! NOT in children!

Pfizer and Moderna are criminal organizations, the FDA is criminal what they approved, these companies never ever tested these injections for safety. DO NOT give your child. The mRNA platform is dangerous, the lipid nano particle platform is dangerous, it is to the pregnant woman, her fertility, her health, to men, to their fertility, to the unborn developing child. Stop, use your common sense!

Make them prove safety…they cannot. So do not just do this to your child. I am no anti-vaxxer, these injections are dangerous. Stop! No boosters. Stop!