Diamond & Silk Chit Chat live; Dr. Paul Elias Alexander drops in with Silk to discuss COVID issues, myocarditis, Diamond's vaccination status; DID NOT take the vaccine but was vaccine injured shedding

by Paul Alexander

The best thinking at present is that Diamond suffered COVID related complications due to impact of the vaccine via shedding, her symptoms were analogous to as if she were vaccinated, she was NOT!

So media, for once, get your damn story straight and stop harassing this beautiful family, allow this lady to rest in peace!

I often call the legacy media in US and Canada a putrid, fecal, banal, feral, bottom-dweller low-life media and I am hoping I did not miss any descriptives as to how I see the media. How do you see the media?


https://rumble.com/v2dbmkc-dr-paul-alexander-former-cv-task-force-advisor-during-president-trumps-admi .html