Diana West: 'A Risk Analysis', concluding Something tells me "the current data" are sure to change, Robert Malone should not be at the helm'

by Paul Alexander

very interesting; I would be interested now in reading more of her work for it is thought provoking, some of it baffling; I share as a means to understand the debate as I too just read this

When I read pieces like this, I find it provokes more thought, answers some questions, yet is quite unsettling. I decided to share Diana’s substack.



‘The following notes will be confounding to some, confirming to others. They represent a good bit of time listening and trying to decode the persona and messaging of Dr. Robert Malone, which, for some time, have struck me as off-kilter for a prominent leader of the covid-tyranny opposition. 

I embarked on this little project after finding myself troubled after last month's "Defeat the Mandates" march in Washington, D.C. Maybe it was the organizer's assurances that 90 percent of the speakers were "vaccinated" that made me realize the baseline assumptions of what has been coalescing as the organized pushback (carrying over into Sen. Ron Johnson's panel, "Covid 19: A Second Opinion," in the U.S. Senate) share far too much common ground with the architects of our destruction. 

Such assumptions rest on a set of demonstrable frauds and lies, beginning with the "discovery" in a computer in China of the "virus" sequence "Sars-Cov-2." Even if we set aside questioning whether this "virus" (or any "virus") exists as a causative agent for a set of symptoms packaged for the public as "Covid-19," there is copious, concrete evidence of corruption and fraud in the creation and adoption of the PCR test, which has produced hundreds of millions of false positives -- lies which are called "cases" -- in healthy people. These endlessly concocted outbreaks of "cases" have been fraudulently classified as a "pandemic" -- more lies -- but only according to a definition of  "pandemic" edited by the WHO to exclude as pandemic features widespread illness of a severe nature and widespread mortality, neither which "Covid-19" has ever caused, not even according to the pandemic-masters' own faked figuring.   

Anyone who accepts this series of lies -- and there are many more -- is perpetuating the tyranny for which they served as false pretext.

There is no way out of the nightmare without exposing the lies about the virus, the test, and the pandemic -- not to mention the transformational agendas around the "vaccine" itself. Why is it we remain mired in the fight over whether the shot is "safe and effective," over whether there exist alternative treatments, over whether "mandates" (forced medical intervention) are legal? I hope this consideration of the messaging of Dr. Malone, now at the forefront of the opposition-doctors, will help explain why we are not making progress.  


I go back and forth on whether Dr. Robert Malone, "the original inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccines" talks too much to be somebody's agent of narrative-control, which is a role at the "tip of the spear" (as Malone also likes to refer to himself) of information warfare. 

The thought occurred to me because of something I can't help noticing about Robert Malone. He really seems to want the world to know how Plugged In at the Hush Hush he is. Either that, or he has no filter. In any case, it's a strange space he occupies, cast against type as a leader of the opposition to the biosecurity state that rose from the lies of a faked public health crisis. This rampantly coercive state of governance the world over represents a nightmare for free people everywhere, but it is heaven on earth for the intelligence and scientific bureaucracies Malone clearly identifies with.

It's also nirvana for the billionaires, Big Pharma, World Economic Forum insiders and groomed proteges, who have gloried, and, yes, obscenely profited in this "covid" era. How jarring it is to find a number of them appearing on the "Interests" section on the LinkedIn account of Robert Malone's wife and business partner, Jill Glasspool Malone. This video shows that among Mrs. Malone's seven "influencers" are Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates and Justin Trudeau -- at least they were until she erased the section from her page. Also gone now are her chosen "companies," which included some of Big Pharma's biggest designers, producers and also customers of vaccines and other products: Pfizer, Eli Lilley, Sanofi, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Army's Institute of Infectious Diseases -- plus, naturally, Bill Gates' TED Talks. 

It's the biosecurity state mindset defined. While my focus is on Robert Malone, the mindset revealed on Mrs. Malone's page is not what one expects to find in the person Robert Malone introduced as his "fellow warrior" at the Defeat the Mandates March. After all, these same influencers and companies together represent and even wield the might of the crushing mandates being forced on the peoples of the world to make them submit to the covid injection agenda, and that includes the people the who showed up at the march. 

"I'm a pretty deep kind of insider in terms of the government," Robert Malone volunteered to Joe Rogan in that interview, with "many friends in the intelligence community." That raised a few eyebrows. Meanwhile, the man couldn't be more deeply set and gilded inside the health-agencies-Big-Pharma-complex if he were "Tony Fauci" himself. As he also told Rogan, Robert Malone has "won literally billions of dollars in federal grants and contracts," "run over 100 clinical trials mostly in the vaccine space," is "often brought in by NIH to serve as a study section chair for awarding, you know, 80 to 120 million dollar contracts in vaccines and biodefense" (you know). No wonder, as Malone also volunteered, he has, in addition to his many pals in intel, "multiple friends at the CDC," which, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has pointed out, is not a public agency so much as a vaccine company, owning 57 vaccine patents.  

"I know Tony Fauci personally," Malone also offered to Rogan. "I've dealt with him my whole career, and then, and then, we had this particular outbreak, and I was tip of the spear on bringing the Ebola vaccine forward that we now call the Merck Ebola vaccine. I'm the one that got Merck involved." 


Consider this: "And then, and then...." Hmm. Was Malone just getting back on his roll, or was he possibly reconsidering the direction his sentence was headed? Non-sequiturs, I've noticed, seem to break some of the more interesting chains of Malonian thought. Maybe he'd been about to say something else about Fauci. What is this cat and mouse game all about? Then again, is it even a cat and mouse game? Better, perhaps, to ask how it is in the first place that this intelligence-pharma-defense-vaccine-developing-insider rather recently found his way to the helm of what passes for Great Reset opposition in the US -- the anti-vaxx (nah), anti-covid-vaxx (nah), anti-mandate (okay), and, now, in another flabby modification, the anti-universal-vaccination movement. 

Consider Malone's personal coronavirus creation story, the one he likes to tell all the interviewers. Before there was a fake pandemic, before there was a fake PCR test, before there was even a  computer virus, Malone says he got a call from a "CIA agent in Wuhan," Michael Callahan, a big name in government bioweapons research and pandemic planning. The way the story goes, another CIA agent, Daryl Galloway, introduced Malone and Callahan a decade earlier. That second CIA agent, we are told, is Malone's sometime-business partner. Anyway, CIA-guy-Callahan (not Galloway) called up Malone from Wuhan on January 4, 2020 (he often like to mention the date) to tell Malone to get his team "spun up" to look at a new virus.

As Malone tells it, including to Stew Peters in October 2021, he and his team went on to perform a "risk analysis" -- that's his business, he says, that's what he did with Zika and many other outbreaks. Malone's conclusion? A new vaccine could not be developed quickly and safely enough to keep pace with the Thing from Wuhan. The US government -- NIAID's Fauci, HHS, FDA's Woodcock -- determined otherwise, he told Stew, and the rest, we might say, is "Operation Warp Speed" history.

Did Robert Malone, Mr. mRNA himself, come out and warn the American public against the hasty, unsafe coronavirus mRNA "vaccine"? No. I guess he abandoned his own risk assessment, because he also says he says he got "jabbed" himself early on and "almost died" of his second Moderna shot.

Did he warn the public about that? No.

I would like to know why not. Listening to that same fall 2021 Malone-Peters interview, I began to wonder if the reason might be because he did not want to interrupt a sequence of planned events.

Listen to Malone describe what many of us call the "plandemic."

Where I'm at now is what we’re observing is a scripted response that has been pioneered in multiple war games by a small cadre of individuals, largely at Johns Hopkins University, largely funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the World Economic Forum – that’s all true -- involving multiple government officials. And as the war games become more sophisticated -- and I've participated in some of these, too, although not the Hopkins‘ one, and that’s, that's why the strategy that Peter [Navarro] and I have advocated (of course we were labeled right-wing kooks) in the Washington Times is still a very balanced approach: jab the elders and the ones at high risk.  

That's some pretty jaw-dropping information flowing there, at least right up to a sentence-ending non-sequitors about his balanced approach to the "jab."

To wit: "We're observing" "a scripted response" (some call it living through hell) "pioneered" (happy word) in "multiple war games" (public health is no longer even a pretext) funded by the cabal (his wife's influencers) in which he, himself, participated! Today, of course, he's playing opposition leader against this "scripted response."  Was that part of the war games, too? 

I should note that Malone forgot to mention a key participant, one he isn't usually loathe to talk about. In fact, it's the key participant, according to Robert Kennedy Jr., author of The Real Anthony Fauci. (Dr. Malone appears in the book's list of acknowledgements.).

In November 2021, Kennedy described the same sequence of events this way:

When I researched my book what I learned was that this [2019 pandemic simulation] event, Event 201, was not a one-time occurrence. We found 20 separate pandemic simulations beginning in 2000. One thing they had in common -- most of them Bill Gates was involved in, Tony Fauci was involved in -- but every one of them the CIA was involved in. The CIA wrote the script, high-level CIA officials participated in every one of those pandemic simulations.

And they involved hundreds of thousands of people. They were conducted secretly. They used frontline workers, they were training police, and hospital systems and utilities in Europe, in Italy, in Germany, in Canada, in Australia, all at the same time, to do a response to a pandemic, but it was not a public health response. It was a response to use the pandemic for something else. 

So they practiced again and again and again: How to use the pandemic as a pretext for imposing totalitarian controls and for obliterating liberal democracy across the planet.

Robert Malone talks about a lot of things, but I have never heard him open up about anything like this. Something I learned along the way is to be skeptical about "defectors" who don't tell you anything you don't already know about the inner workings of the enemy. Now, it's possible Malone completely missed the CIA presence Kennedy has identified as a constant, and that the pandemic planning "for obliterating liberal democracy across the planet" went over his head. But the omission is something worth noting.   

There's something else to mark about Malone's presentations. He does not deviate from certain specific points, even though they completely disrupt the logic of his "vaccine" critique. What first caught my eye on this count was Malone's extremely forthright December 2021 statement against the injection of children due to the danger of "permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots, their reproductive system, and ... their immune system." The disconnect is: If the shots endanger the critical organs, brain, nervous system, etc., etc.,  of children, why are they so hot for adults? To this day, however -- and this is the point he always makes -- Robert Malone is advising millions of people, including "at risk" (unhealthy) people of all ages and all adults over the age of 60, to continue taking these kill shots. 

Gotta keep culling the herd, right?

I mean, All Hail the Leader of the Opposition. 

What kind of Opposition is that? If Malone's ideas hold sway, the answer is a subverted opposition. This is exactly how influence operations work. Groups are subverted from within; operators subtly shift the agenda of one side to match or complement or get out of the way of the agenda of the other side. Are we not watching this process in real time? To be sure, we have seen an internationally active vaccine-developer and mRNA vaccine originator, find his way, Johnny-come-lately, to the fore of the anti-covid-vaccine movement to help "broaden" it into a "we're not anti-vaccine/we're anti-mandate" movement. At the very least, Malone is successfully shaping the narrative to suit his professional and personal legacy.

The latter includes, of course, Malone's self-proclaimed "invention of the mRNA and DNA vaccines."

What about his contract work as a consultant providing oversight and recommendations and reviewing data to help develop a second-generation covid vaccine, brand name Relcovax? 

Come again?

When the topic comes up, Malone can bluster about "fragging" if he likes (Napoleon-complex, anyone?), but here he is in his own words to Stew Peters discussing having just "rolled out" a second generation covid vaccine:

It’s been about a year now that I’ve been supporting it but I haven’t been able to talk about it until I finally rolled out the vaccine at a recent vaccine talk. So now I can talk about it. I’ve been sitting here with the press telling me I’m an anti-vaxxer while I’ve been developing a vaccine but I haven’t been able to say anything about it because of the non disclosure agreement.

Obviously, the man can hold his tongue when he wants to, as we see here and, of course, on his own vaccine "risk analysis," and "life-threatening" Moderna experience. He also kept quiet about the warnings he told Del Bigtree he gave to the FDA about injuries he expected the covid shots to cause, including blood clots, strokes, and other side effects. He said these discussions with the FDA took place in September 2020. 

That's only a year and a half ago, but it's about a billion covid shots ago, too. Hundreds of millions of people might have been very interested in the fact that "the original mRNA and DNA vaccine inventor" didn't think the covid vaccines were safe for human beings.

Then again -- and here's another point -- that has not been the crux of Robert Malone's message. Indeed, when Del Bigtree's show promoted the Malone interview by, in Malone's telling to Stew Peters, reporting that the mRNA inventor "was basically an anti-vaxxer and says you shouldn't get the jab," Malone told Bigtree he would not come on his show again. "I was trying so hard to avoid that," Malone explained to Peters.    

Watching Sen. Ron Johnson's recent panel in the US Senate, "Covid 19: A Second Opinion," it occurred to me that had things gone a certain way, Malone, mRNA-platform-inventor, might even have ended up in the hot seat. Not that anyone really turned up the heat, at least not until near the very end when attorney Thomas Renz dramatically brought forward whistleblower data from the Defense Department demonstrating the catastrophic impact of covid injections on military personnel. The numbers are staggering. They include an increase in cancer diagnoses among vaccinated armed service members of 300 percent; an increase in neurological issues of 1,000 percent; an increase in congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) of 156 percent; an increase in female infertility of 471 percent; an increase in pulmonary embolisms of 467 percent.

Suddenly, puffery over fathering this catalyst of human catastrophe seems to be about as sane as taking pride in the laboratory developments that led to the deployment of Zyklon B. But scientists still argue over "credit." Shouldn't they be asking us for mercy?

There may be clues in this pride. It may explain why Malone to this day fails to call on the governments of the world to halt their covid injection programs. As noted above, he continues to advise tens of millions of people to be injected. As recently as January 12, 2022, in a Washington Times op-ed, Malone and co-author Peter Navarro made it very clear that "at risk" people of all ages, and all men and women over the age of 60, should keep on sticking their arms out for Big Pharma. I know I wrote that before but I think it bears repeating.

Not even Malone's opposition to children taking the shot is always a hard stop. On November 23, 2021, in an exquisite Hawaiian setting, Robert and Jill Malone, barefoot and wearing leis, spoke to a group of children seated crosslegged on the ground before them. It was a Q&A on the virus and the vaccine.

Girl: I'm a little bit scared about getting the vaccine.

Dr. Robert Malone: Getting the vaccine, ok. So, what you can do to get so that you're not scared?

Wait, what? Isn't Robert Malone supposed to be warning children against the clot shot?

Girl: We have a ton smart people here to encourage us and, like, help us through.

Dr. Malone: You're growing up. You're clearly a very smart girl, I can tell that. What I think is a good idea for you is talk to your parents and learn, and learn about the vaccine, and learn about the virus, and talk it through with your parents so that it makes sense to you, so that you don't have to be scared. And I don't want to tell you or your parents what to do. I think that's wrong. I think it's also wrong for someone else to tell you what to do. I think it's decision between you and your parents and your doctor. ... Does that make sense?

Yeah, sure, if you're a mad and immoral scientist. Unmistakably, Malone has left the door open for this child to get the covid shot. "Don't be scared," he added.

There is an even bigger red flag flying over Malone. That would be his ever-present, flapping, waving banner of fear: fear the virus (which he calls call a "bioweapon"), fear the variant(s); fear variant(s) yet-to-be-maybe, and even fear outbreaks of other viruses which may or may have taken place.

It is here where Malone's message lines up most perfectly with that of the CDC, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden (whom he says he voted for), Fake News, and all the pandemic planning that ever went into the "scripted response" that has turned our lives into science fiction nightmares. Think about it: The response which has been scripted, chiseled in stone and programmed into us is for all men, women and children to live and act in fear. It is fear that fuels the whole engine of our destruction.

First, fear the virus.

But no one has isolated it.

Fear the pandemic.

But there is no reliable test for it.

Shut up. Fear Covid, fear Delta, fear Omicron, get "vaccinated" -- or else. 

But Delta's gone, Omicron's a cold (how long do we keep pretending these are real threats?) and the "vaccine" is deadly toxic, and looking increasingly like a conductor of 5G-controlled transhumanism. 

But that's crazy talk!

Enter Robert Malone, who soothingly tells the world: OK, don't vaccinate everybody. Stop universal vaccination.  Only not because the vaccine is a universal disaster but because  too much vaccination in the middle of a (fake) "pandemic" will "spawn" (they always say "spawn") dangerous new mutations of the "virus" -- or, as Malone will call them: "superbugs." 

Fear the virus, courtesy Robert Malone, leader of the opposition.

Just to demonstrate that I do not exaggerate, here is what Malone and co-author Peter Navarro recently wrote in the Washington Times:

The biggest health risk from the Biden/Fauci universal vaccination strategy is this doomsday scenario: The more you vaccinate, the more likely you will spawn vaccine-resistant mutations; and the more likely those vaccinated will fall prey to the mutations. A particularly lethal vaccine-resistant mutation in a universally vaccinated world may well wipe out the human race.

Um, really? This is the crudest kind of fear porn, and Malone peddles it whenever he can. During the Johnson panel, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale told Dr. Robert Malone that there exists no evidence to support this doomsday scenario.

"From your lips to God's ears," Malone replied.

Frankly, I wonder if this is really what he's praying for -- the end of this age of globally orchestrated terror of viruses, variants and "superbugs"? The end of the CDC-NIH-biochem-DoD-hush-hush-Our-Man-in-Wuhan-vaccine-virus-gravy-train?

It's hard to ignore that Malone leaves the door open to "trading freedom for reduced risk," depending on the situation.

He and Navarro wrote:

If the Biden/Fauci doctrine were based on sound science and a workable strategy, and if omicron were causing severe disease and death, trading freedom for reduced risk might be barely tolerable. 

"Barely tolerable," by the way, is still tolerable.

But this current frantic madness cuts against the grain of both current data and every scientific principle we know.

My own "risk assessment"?

Something tells "the current data" are sure to change, Robert Malone should not be at the helm, and I don't want to let time go by before mentioning it.’