Diana West: "That's why Dr. Robert Malone's openly stated goal in 2023 to use the courts to have a "chilling effect' on debate in the public square, which he's trying to rebrand as "defamation," is so

by Paul Alexander

disturbing, bizarre & fraught with peril." I stand by that all inventors of mRNA technology & vaccine CEOs (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Bourla, Sahin, Bancel) to be questioned under oath, not congress

I am not commenting, I said I would step bac kand let the other side meet us for conclave and resolution, yet as we wait, this piece by Diana West is stirring and helps the debate.



One thing about quoting Dr. Robert Malone: There is no need to underscore or add anything. 

On June 8, 2023, Dr. Malone set forth his legal thinking on Substack:

My criteria for taking legal action has been whether or not someone seems to be doing significant reputational damage, while also factoring in the quirky nature of various clauses in defamation law. 

It's almost touching, isn't it, to see someone who "invented the mRNA vaccine" fretting about "reputational damage"?

In some cases I have proceeded to delivering a cease and desist and that was enough. Dr. Richard Fleming was one such case. I sent him a letter, and he stopped. Seems rational enough. Thank you, Richard (and I seriously mean that). 

Again, no comment necessary -- but I do want to write that again: Thank you, Richard (and I seriously mean that).

Let's pick up on p. 13 of a recent Motion to Dismiss by Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger R. Breggin.

(Here is a recent Motion to Dismiss by Dr. Jane Ruby. Here is the original Malone Complaint. Here is how it all began.)

The Breggin Motion is discussing the thirteenth bulleted item in Malone's Complaint. This Item 13 contains four separate allegations of defamation purported to be found in an online interview of Dr. Breggin by Pete Santilli. 

From the Breggins' Motion to Dismiss: 

Malone alleges that Breggins stated: Dr. Malone is part of the "Deep State" oppressors. Dr. Malone's concept of mass formation psychosis is calculated to protect the "mass murderers of COVID-19." Dr. Malone is a Hitler apologist and "excuser." "Malone wake up to history."

The Breggins:  

When examining the entire interview of Dr. Breggin on this show, nowhere in the show can it be found that Dr. Breggin made the statement that Malone atrributes to him that he is a part of the "Deep State oppressors." 

Malone's allegations that Breggin stated that "Dr. Malone's concept of mass formation psychosis is calculated to protect the `mass murderers of COVID-19' is actually Breggin talking about Dr. Desmet, not Dr. Malone.

And lastly, nowhere in this recorded interview (or anywhere else for that matter) can it be found where Dr. Breggin ever stated that Dr. Malone is "a Hitler apologist and excuser." 

First of all, may I say (shout): Who cares! Say what you will! These are public commentators debating the onset of totalitarianism in our time. Hitler, Stalin, Mao are the totalitarian all-stars, at least up to now, and are gonna come up. Boo-the-heck-hoo. Still, there is a crucially important legal (and moral) point here: The Breggins' brief states that certain of these quotations are not to be found on video, or anywhere else. If this is true -- and I cannot find them, either -- the Malone Complaint includes false allegations. Put that in your syringe and shoot it. What will the judge say about that?

And now this:

Moreover, the only quote that can be found to be semi-accurate, "Desmet, Malone, wake up to history," is a perjorative at best, and an admonotion even, but it is not defamatory.

No, it is not. But ponder the legal mind that sees fit to include such an innocuous comment, with its pleasantly archaic rhetorical flourish, into a defamation brief. Ponder the scientific mind that hopes for a "chilling effect." Frankly, if Dr. Robert Malone is so darn worried about reputational damage, he should drop this stupid lawsuit ASAP and wake up. Wake up to free speech.