Did actor Jamie FOXX cheat death (the bell did not yet toll for 'thee') as did NFL's Damar Hamlin 'so far' (& Kirsch was right, he did die for 10 minutes on the field) yet Australian Shane Warne

by Paul Alexander

(cricketer) fell victim to the Malone, Kariko, Weissman mRNA technology based (underpinning) gene injection vaccine? The bell did not toll YET but JAMIE & DAMAR are NOT out of woods YET!

If I were them, I would sue the vaccine makers NOW while they can. I would also consider spike detoxification via available avenues such as the ‘SPIKE SUPPORT DETOXIFIER’ from TWC (the only such product formulation with NATTOKINASE and other OTC supplements)…

You got to understand in simple language, if you took the shot and did not fall to it, your cells are producing spike protein 24/7 conceivably for the rest of your life (as well as spike post virus as these beasts like Fauci and Collins created something with poison pills, binary weapon agent of sorts) and it was never studied, excluded, or examined in any favorable manner. You remain at risk and this can explain the long COVID symptoms etc. many suffer from. You should think, ask questions, talk to your doctor, and try safe products that could support your immune health and heart etc.

Pregnant women, breast feeding women, those on blood thinners, children, must only take drugs and supplements etc. after understanding benefits versus harms and also in consult with health care provider.