Did Brownstone's leadership censor Dr. Peter Breggin citing Malone? IMO 100% Yes! My motivation is truth-telling in an age of nonstop lies by media, government, & self-enrichment on the COVID tragedy

by Paul Alexander

What Brownstone's leadership did was pure censorship & cancelling, exactly what it said it fights against; Pure truth-telling & I will not cover anything over and hide it, I will speak it as it is

My aim and goal is to say things, write them as I see it. How I think about it. Not you. I want to be open, clear, transparent, explicit. Real and honest. Pure, even if it offends you. I just wish to inform.

I wish to be brief and tell a story that must be told, one surrounding blatant censoring by an op-ed media outfit supposedly set up to fight censoring etc. Professing to be against censorship.

Who was I as to Brownstone? I was a major author for Brownstone.

This substack is painful but had to be written to properly inform the public. It surrounds Brownstone Institute leadership and who actively censored and cancelled Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin, and in doing it, telling me that it is/was due to considerations linked to Dr. Malone. Their belief and stance about Malone as to the lawsuit filed by Malone on Breggin. How do I know? I was directly involved in the discussion. So I am going to relay a set of discussions involving leadership of Brownstone and myself, as it pertained to Malone and Dr. Peter Breggin.

At this time, I will not name names as that is not the issue. I wish to simple tell the story.

It is really misguided and tragic what occured here. Wrong.

First, one would agree that I was an important ingredient to Brownstone in its launching and early days. Actually, I wrote extensively for the outfit. I was celebrated. Jeff Tucker (founder of Brownstone) told me at a reception ceremony launching Brownstone as we talked one on one para loosely: “Paul, you are a major reason we are here and are more important to Brownstone than you realize” para. Then. I had just told Jeff that I was overwhelmed with the praise and did not think I deserved it. I understood he was talking about the review I did (and published in Brownstone) on natural immunity that really put Brownstone on the map for FOX News as an example, interviewed on that review I did and mentioned ‘Brownstone’ several times as did other news outlets and I myself went out of the way to showcase the name ‘Brownstone’ to get it into the media each time I was interviewed.

Note, I still stand behind the initial ‘idea’ of Brownstone and I really took a liking to Jeff Tucker and still do today, save for him being IMO very misguided on Malone’s mRNA technology and the harms it has caused and the failure of Malone to address the harms from the mRNA technology itself and how to mitigate it before spike is translated. I today realize that Tucker does not get that it is Malone’s mRNA technology that has killed people re the COVID gene injection. That there are very serious questions Malone must answer (and has not) if we question Fauci et al. That is not for me to solve however. Yet I do think Tucker is an upstanding citizen and human being. Esoteric, different, but a good human being. I have nothing ill to say about him.

That it is no secret as to my prominence in Brownstone and what I did for Brownstone and my paper in Brownstone on natural immunity being superior to any immunity conferred by a vaccine (given natural exposure immunity targetted the full viral ball and all proteins on the surface as well as interior as part of the immune response and memory while vaccinal induced immunity focused on the target antigen ONLY and for COVID, it was the mutable, ever changing spike glycoprotein on the surface of the viral ball with its receptor binding sites (epitopes)), placed Brownstone on the media map.

I wrote it partly for that reason and to help Jeff Tucker (who I considerd a friend from way back at AIER) as I felt he was mistreated by AIER (as my relationship with him was very good, technical) and placed it there to help accomplish that. I sought to help Jeff mainstream Brownstone. I did. Jeff’s aim when Brownstone initiated sat wonderfully with me in terms of fighting the tyrannical censoring we were experiencing in the COVID Freedom Movement by the media and journal publishers and governments but something wrong has happened and it surrounds Malone. And I decided to tell you.

Brownstone made a mistake however, a huge one in my estimation and I could not abide by it nor condone it.

What happened? Well, briefly (with explanation to come below) Brownstone leadership refused to allow Dr. Peter Breggin into a Brownstone e-mail list serve (daily research debate etc.) in order to appease Malone. Despite Breggin meeting the requirements set by Brownstone. Breggin was denied and it had 100% to do with Malone. I know, I was in the discussions and it was wrong and while it was Brownstone leadership decision to make, what was done was wrong on many levels and really signalled to me, the beginning of the end of my relationship with Brownstone. The action was untenable as far as I was concerned and I struggled to keep silent and to go along, including another instance to censor and that too had to do with Malone whereby a writer raised issues about Malone’s credibility and I was asked to not discuss it given if I raised it, it would amplify the statement more widely and extensively. I struggled with the censorship for the people there at Brownstone, other writers, I grew to appreciate for their work and they were oblivious to the machinations sideways. This has nothing to do with them.


I will leave it there.

I share this for it was wrong, very wrong and flies in the face of all we are fighting against. It reveals a sickness, a twistedness, a warpness in the minds of some. Money and power hungry weakness. Progressiveness. It surrounds a rabid rush to money and the ‘promise’ of money. Donors, oh how much power these ‘donors’ have. It is putrid and filthy IMO and I want nothing to do with it and them, nothing! It is me divorcing the Freedom Movement officially with this substack.

We are now officially divorced.

Message to the Freedom Movement: do not call me. I will decide from here on (as a little simple insignificant person) who I will associate with. I want no more to be part of the pimping, money whoring Freedom Movement intent mainly on enriching themselves, spreading fear to drive people to donate. That is all it is about. Driving fear and donations. Your money, for nothing in return.

I helped form Freedom Movement and was there day one, and I was a key component (with other giants) to the Canadian and US Trucker convoys, Peace Bridge speeches, walked with James Topp (Canadian soldier being court marshalled for not taking the vaccine), I have been in the US Senate, House, Canadian Senate, all over. Nothing to me is more putrid and stinks to high heavens as the Freedom Movement and what is ‘now’ represents. It has devolved into fraud IMO and sheer misleading the public. What the public thinks it stands for, it does not. There are some like Bridle, Yeadon, Vanden Bossche, Wolf, Couey, Risch, McCullough, Tennenbaum, Makis, Thorp, Ben Marble, Hodkinson, Vliet etc. (I cannot name all), who I think are genuine and real. Real fighters.

And beware, I reserve the right to call you out should you misbehave and attack me and I learn of it and btw, many who are connected to your ‘agencies’ and ‘projects’, those ‘within’ your outfits, are buddies with me and tell me all that goes on within your ‘projects’. I know of all discussions. Be careful I do not make them public. I know the move is to go after people like me now for I am holding Malone’s feet to the fire since it is his mRNA technology that is the basis for the harms and deaths we have experienced. I know, I have been told from insiders, I know it all. So take your best shot, know that I will respond in media too.

So word to you, “leave me alone”.

At this time, I will not name names. This is not the aim. This piece is not to shame or discredit, but to tell some facts that must be in the public space so that you understand that the cancelling and wokeness and censoring that has hurt many, is not confined to TWITTER and FACEBOOK or the government agents like Fauci etc.; no, it is larger than that and it exists bigtime in the actual COVID Freedom Movement, the COVID anti-lockdown movement, the anti-COVID gene injection movement. What I write here is as it happened. I simply wish to sanitize with sunlight, what I thought were deplorable actions of censorship and bias, wrongful actions. I also use this to call on Brownstone to immediately reverse its censorship action on Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin.

What occurred para and in general is as follows as to Dr. Breggin:

i)I was integral to Brownstone Institute as I was to AIER given my prolific writing from day one, soon after lockdowns, on the harms of lockdowns, schools closures, masking, and a seminal piece on natural immunity that is used today to inform courts (congress etc.) all over the world. In fact, I heard a colleage Ryan Cole a few days ago refer to me and that piece of work as seminal. Thanks Ryan. I have also written for EPOCH and other forums etc. For example for I suspect they will be scrubbed from the internet after this piece goes out (and before you read the chronology and details of the censorship of Breggin), please see these articles I have written for AIER and Brownstone including the seminal piece on natural immunity being far superior to vaccine induced immunity:

ii)Brownstone operated an internal e-mail list serve of all who were doctors and scientists and who were published in Brownstone. In that list, we would share and debate research and COVID philosophy daily. Just a back and forth on a range of research and as it related to COVID, issues around origin, timelines, lockdowns etc. Some IMO smart people.

ii)Dr. Peter Breggin knew of the group of scientists and wrote me one day asking if he could join on to share science and learn etc. I felt he would make a tremendous addition and contribution given his depth and braod reach and who he is within the COVID Freedom Movement (his first book on Global COVID Predators etc.) and so he asked me given my position and role in Brownstone.

iii)I was part of Brownstone as you know and more of an influential person there given my work with Brownstone before and we got along quite well. I thus wrote and called leadership and asked if Dr. Breggin can join the list serve.

iv)The leadership was averse to it and I did not understand. I bugged them repeatedly and finally in one call they told me to tell Breggin to write a paper and they will read and accept and then he can be part of the list serve. I said great. I was happy for I felt Breggin would bring a breath of fresh air and solid knowledge to inform.

v)I informed Breggin to write a paper and submit it, to me and I would give to leadership directly.

vi)Breggin did this and submitted it. It got to where it needed to go. I even saw it and it was exceptional.

vii)a while passed and no response from Brownstone and so Breggin called me and asked me if I heard anything. I told him I was not personally reading his submission yet will follow-up with leadership.

viii)I called leadership a few times on this. In one particular call, I pushed them telling them that it has been a while and can they inform the Breggins.

ix)They told me they had not read the paper. I asked them why not given it was done quickly and Breggin was keen on joining the debates and IMO Breggin was very top notch and could add depth and breadth to the group. Moreover, I knew of no one who would be averse to Breggin being in the group.

x)What happened next stunned me in the call. They said para ‘I/we do not want Breggin in the group’. I responded ‘why’ given he did what was asked, is a prolific writer, is a global expert and is Dr. Peter Breggin. World known. Expert psychiatrist and fierce Freedom Fighter. Tuhe reply was para ‘I/we did not even read it, I/we have no interest in reading the submission’.

No doubt I was surprised and asked para ‘why, since this was the process, you submit, it is read and so forth and a submission by Breggin would be seamless.’ I was then told para ‘Malone is part of the group (a new addition) and it will not be good if Breggin is allowed in’. I replied para ‘that is unfair, for he wrote his submission and so what if Malone is in the group’. I was then told para ‘I/we have no intention of reading the submission and I/we will reject it outright’. I said para ‘that is wrong, how could this be done, for Breggin wrote his paper, you said that’s what he needed to do, now you say you will not even read it’? Leadership replied para ‘this is the decision and I/we do not want to discuss it any further. I/we will not read it, I/we don’t want them in this group’. I then said para ‘that is wrong for it should not be that people are constrained due to Malone’. I was then told para ‘well, Malone sued them for 25 million and it will be unconfortable’. I said para ‘so what, does not make Malone right. They may win in court, Breggins by all looks of it will win, it will get tossed out, its a garbage frivilous law suit, its nonsense’. I was replied to para ‘look, I/we don’t like them, I/we don’t want them in the group and that’s it’. I replied para ‘this is wrong and not what you should do’ and leadership replied ‘I/we have taken the side of Malone, I/we believe him over them, I/we think they embarassed him by questioning him and look, I/we just don’t want all this problem so I/we will not read the paper and will not allow them in the group’. I said para ‘ok, that is your decision as leadership of Brownstone’. I then relayed the rejection to Dr. Breggin. They had already figured out they will not be allowed in the group.

What I just wrote is what took place. I have kept Brownstone names of this.

This IMO, was catastrophic for the Breggins and this was censorship by Brownstone. On behalf of Malone. I found twisted, stink, filthy. It showed me that Brownstone is not the bastion of censorship-free writing it said it is. It showed me that some pigs are higher or better than others as in Animal Farm. It showed me favouritism and bias. It showed me that my days at Brownstone were numbered for I would not stay with an outfit like that.

I will share now that I wrote leadership and informed them I no longer will write for Brownstone and I did not belong. I also told him I will not accept the monthly stipend offered to me to write as a fellow. I gave it back. I no longer write for Brownstone.

I will end with this. The Breggins were hurt and censored here and it is shameful. There are people I met at Brownstone like Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Lerman, Rice etc. that are good people. This has nothing to do with them. I simply wanted to tell you about this Brownstone, Malone, Breggin, Alexander saga. So that you know that the Freedom Movement is fraught with censorship and it is terrible. It stinks within. Not just on the outside.

IMO, Brownstone should have approached Breggins without the colour and stench of the Malone issue. In that way, they would have been unbiased and uncompromised. It did impact leadership’s decision. Wrongfully. I am hoping Brownstone reverses their decision to ban and preclude the Breggins.

Other outfits have pressed me to censor me (and people like me to stand up) and moved on me but I am me. They tell me that Malone (I do not know how) pressures donors to threaten them to pull the donor funding or not remit the final payments and that they are desperate for the money. They pressure me by telling me to stop asking questions about Malone’s role in mRNA technology and asking him to be questioned. I tell them shove it! Up theirs! They tell me well we will have to cut you if you do not stop asking Malone questions in substack etc. and I tell them up yours! After you used me to get established and I brought people with me to stand up your sorry outfit. So up yours! Well I actually use more colorful language than that! But I will be respectful here.

Remember lots of these Freedom Movement outfits are comprised of people who were listing and aimless and drifting and along came COVID. They created a need for themselves and pay themselves salaries with your donor money. COVID cannot die as far as they are concerned. They will keep it alive and are.

Issue is I am left standing and I warn again. Take shots at me, and I will respond in kind. And you money pimpers, both genders, who have pimped off the money of poor people, hands stretched out constantly, enriching yourself, living high lives on donor money, I know you, and you know that. Behave yourself, I may just put your stuff in media. You are a dirty bunch. I am ashamed I ever hooked up with some of you, some are decent but many are simply grifters and graters. Big time.