Did Cabrera Adames, a Dominican professional basketball player, who died suddenly, die due to the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (KAriko, Weissman et al. as inventors)? He got myocarditis

by Paul Alexander

after the vaccine shots, he said so, so is there a link? Why is this being swept under rug? Why the silence by media? EPOCH finally covered, good for them, but won't connect mRNA tech??

It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine!

Dr. Malone, can you step forward and shed some light please into what may have happened given it is your technology at the heart of the mRNA gene injection? This will help us a lot. Or Kariko, or Weissman or anyone else who invented this death technology…thanks! We do not know and wish to know, we seek clarification. We want someone ‘in the know’ to talk to us.

Please. We the public.