Did covid vaccines really reduce all-cause mortality? NO, 100% NO, the mRNA technology based gene injections did not & were harmful

by Paul Alexander

In reality, none of the clinical trials showed a significant effect concerning all-cause mortality, covid mortality, or non-covid mortality.

Age-standardized mortality in Germany and Sweden (Mortality Watch)

Published: May 2023

‘Did covid vaccines really reduce all-cause mortality?


This new study has again baffled both vaccine promoters and vaccine skeptics, since adenovector vaccines had a worse safety profile and lower effectiveness than mRNA vaccines. In many countries, adenovector vaccines weren’t even approved or were quickly removed from the market.

But the new study was already debunked one year ago, when it first appeared as a preprint. The supposedly positive effect was significant in only one trial, the Janssen trial, and the effect was due to incomplete data and a miscategorization of deaths by the study authors.

In reality, none of the clinical trials showed a significant effect concerning all-cause mortality, covid mortality, or non-covid mortality. This was to be expected since none of the trials were designed and powered to measure such a mortality effect: they were only about “cases”.

From this, many vaccine skeptics concluded that covid vaccines didn’t reduce covid mortality or all-cause mortality. In reality, covid vaccines strongly reduced covid mortality (initially by a factor of 10 to 20), reduced all-cause mortality and restored life expectancy in many countries (see chart above).

Unfortunately, barely one year after the start of vaccination, the likely synthetic omicron variant showed up and greatly reduced vaccine protection. Vaccine manufacturers produced updated “bivalent omicron vaccines”, but due to immune imprinting, these were hardly more effective.

Without omicron, both covid lethality and vaccine protection would have remained much higher.

The real scandal is that covid vaccine manufacturers appear to have suppressed or excluded some serious and even deadly vaccine adverse events during their clinical trials. If these adverse events had been acknowledged, covid vaccines would have received emergency use authorizations only for high-risk groups and would likely never have received full market authorization.

This would have been the rational decision anyway, but it would have destroyed both the pre-announced global vaccine passport agenda and billions of dollars in profits for Big Pharma.

The even bigger scandal, of course, is that the novel coronavirus is a synthetic virus – engineered almost certainly in the US, not in China – that was released either accidentally or deliberately.


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