Did hospitals & their CEOs, their doctors, did they kill our parents, grandparents, our people, across America, with midazolam, diamorphine, remdesivir, ventilators, INCENTIVIZED? Murdered our people?

by Paul Alexander

Were hospitals and doctors and CEOs paid extra to COVIDize our peoples? Did they kill our people knowingly? We must investigate if this was about MONEY as much as it was about POWER! We need JAIL!

Did they kill our parents and people with midazolam? Were they ordered to not be resuscitated without their or family’s consent? Was morphine used massively that killed them? To sedate and comatose our parents wrongfully? Were paralytics used to do this? Did we ventilate and kill our people? Was remdesivir used that killed our people? Did we engage in genocide against our people?

We all lied to from day 1 by Fauci and Francis Collins and Birx and Alex Azar and Njoo and Tam in Canada, Juni, Doug Ford, etc. We were lied to by Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) who misrepresented their data to FDA and we were also lied to by FDA who is part of the fraud on the American people. Yes, the FDA is in collusion with these vaccine companies. This fraud Pfizer. Paul Offit is now running to the ills, he sees what is coming. All of them conspired against the American people. Pure malfeasant people! The key is their fraud COVID lockdown lunacy actions caused the deaths of thousands needlessly and they all, all of them, must be investigated and jailed once shown conclusively in proper inquiry. I want them all jailed! If it is shown with proper inquiry you did wrong, I do not care your status in society, I want you jailed!