Did I not tell you, I warned that COVID is over & the WOLF, the North African & middle eastern jihadist wolf was agitating, Germany: Somali Knifeman Who Killed Two ‘Seriously Injured’ By Police

by Paul Alexander

Two people were killed & another seriously wounded in a stabbing Tuesday in southwestern Germany, police said. The suspected assailant was detained, then the police arrived dressed up 'AFTER' as usual

These less than human animals, cut out people’s eyes, cut out male balls and stuffed in their mouths, cut out female genitals, these animals. What do you say to that? Biden. Obama. Paul Ryan. You who helped flood the nation and west. Merkel. You crazy people let dangerous people near our children.

They are coming in through the border now, dressed like Latinos, shaved faces, looking Spanish but are not. Be warned. I am always for good, God fearing, decent, hard working people, law abiding etc. and I do not care ethnicity or religion even, who want a life and will do good and help build, to have chances. To respect other people’s way of life and customs and laws. We all do. But if you an an animal and should be left in the 10th century, then you be left there.




Europe built its own funeral pyre and Obama was doing same to America. Yes, Obama with Biden as his shot-gun partner, they flooded the US with would be jihadists (remember Tashfeen Malik???) and now Biden continues this with militants coming up through the Southern border.

Vote them out people, it is time. These North African and middle eastern jihadists have your daughters in their cross-hairs. They will rape them, dehumanize them, and kill them. Remember the Bataclan in France. These beasts, they stabbed the female patrons repeatedly in their genitals, cut out the balls of the males and stuffed in their mouths.

Some Bataclan details where 130 were mutilated by these ‘nice’ illegals:

There is no compassion or forgiving or ‘patience’ with some animals in this world. You never let them near your world. It is that simple.

Come around in 1000 years to their world and check in, if they have learnt to behave, we consider then, until then, give them 1000 more years, they need that to domesticate. They have no idea what decent free societies is about.

It’s daily life for them but we are a good governance society. Tell your politicians to end this with your vote. For it is coming to America, Biden style.