Did I not warn that the wolf was re-emerging as COVID sizzled! "Khan’s London: Fatal Broad Daylight Knife Attack Follows Weekend of Stabbings and Shop Looting"; we need another rounds of COVID?

by Paul Alexander

Is COVID the only solution to the wolf? that lurks and attacks us in our own nations, after we allowed the wolf in? What do we do with the wolf? Soon, the rapes across Europe will begin again!

The wolf is agitating, COVID is done! Yes, he hid and locked down with you…you thought it was only you? No no no, the wolf too was scared of the fraud COVID. We take that for we got a reprieve in his crimes. But, now he emerges.

Don’t fuss America, you will get your rounds of rapes and crimes for you let the wolf in via the Southern border too! Many many good people, decent, seeking a life and to work hard, though IMO should have never been allowed into the US illegally, no matter how ‘decent’ you are. Why should you get benefits, any benefits when Americans, in the inner cities, all over, live in poverty and cannot get services? Healthcare. Why? Especially black Americans, I have seen with my own eyes are placed in the back and sidelined over the South American illegals. At this time. I never saw this before. I have seen recently with my own eyes and was shocked.

I shared I hurt my neck and upper back in a car accident. I was in one of the hospitals in New York a few days ago and was sitting in the wait room. I sat there for about 10 hours. I heard people say they were there hours before me. I saw 5 separate people get up and leave, some with families who were there for more than 10 hours. One guy had his face smashed in as a cinder block fell off a building and hit him on the head etc. He was in pain all the while and he was pleading for pain killers while he waited. He was attacked by the administrative staff then a nurse who came out and berated him. He was asking for pain killers as he waited and said he would wait more. He then left with his face clearly needing stitches and this guy was in bad shape. I never saw people in an ER get up and leave in disgust, some flinging off masks and raising their voice as some were in clear emergencies. I will not name the hospital etc. I too left at about 10 hours. I went elsewhere. But I want to share something very disturbing. As I sat, at about hour 6, I saw some South American people come in.

About an hour before them, a black couple came in and were waiting about an hour by that time. There were people there 10 hours. Mostly white, maybe 20% blacks. This South American set of people, all of them, were taken separately, seen immediately for we knew the triage process, we were all part of it and were waiting, and then straight to get care, and in 25 minutes, I am saying 25 minutes, all emerged with the one person having a bandage on a cut he had on his leg. They left. They all refused to wear masks like everyone else, and operated as if they owned the place. Disregarded all the hospital rules. There were African Americans inquiring how come they could get care ahead of them and all else, and I will say, the attendants were upset too. They were saying that they had no control. One administrative person told me when she came to get some insurance information from me, that they are very upset at what is happening. She even kind of apologized to me for having to wait so long and to others there while others just come in and see the doctors near immediate. As she explained, things are being done and allowed that would not normally. She was disgusted.

Something is wrong with the message illegals may have gotten. That Americans are stupid people who could be taken advantaged of as you come and get for free, what they pay tax dollars for and they wait their turns. You do not have to. They were illegal, they said so for the process was not too private and we could hear the discussions.

Everyone is to be treated fairly and even IMO, as persons who are illegal in the US, Americans are kind, compassionate, caring people. Who give and give and help till it hurts. No illegal should be badly treated. Not one. Never. But they must not be given priority over hard working Americans who it’s on their backs that the illegals can come here. Americans pay the taxes, blacks, whites, all…so this is wrong. Very wrong and if this is the policy sent to hospitals, that South American illegals are to have priority, then it is very very wring and it must be changed immediately. No American is to be sidelined or prioritized over an illegal to the nation. Not one! I understand triage but the case I described was no emergency. This sends the wrong message and it is likely that they would refuse service if they knew they were prioritized. So the government itself may be creating a disaster here. Americans are kind but do not make them think they are fools and can be taken advantaged of.


The point is you came illegally and broke the laws to begin with but put a pin in that discussion for now. As I said, there are good hard working decent people in the mix and some may meet established criteria (legitimate reasons to be assessed or even come etc.). It is the criminals we are concerned about who get in and use the system to breach our borders. And who will prey on Americans. I now refer to the wolf among the many good, who will rape and steal and murder in the US, in time. Stand by! It is coming. And our good police need help. Help our police and if you ever see a police officer under attack, you get in there an help them once you can without risk to self and others. But help them! They risk their lives for us!


Khan’s London: Fatal Broad Daylight Knife Attack Follows Weekend of Stabbings and Shop Looting