Did Kariko, Weissman, Malone et al. with their mRNA technology based research that is key to the mRNA COVID injections warn us about the acumulation of nanocarriers in the ovary, a neglected toxicity?

by Paul Alexander

When did they know about the toxic impact of mRNA and lipid nano-carriers on the reproductive organs? on the ovary? It is an important question and IMO, they should answer to the tax-payer



We are talking about liposomes, nanoparticles, nanocapsules, nanotubes and others.

‘Several nanocarrier systems are frequently used in modern pharmaceutical therapies. Within this study a potential toxicity risk of all nanoscaled drug delivery systems was found.’ All.

An accumulation of several structurally different nanocarriers but not of soluble polymers was detected in rodent ovaries after intravenous (i.v.) administration. Studies in different mouse species and Wistar rats were conducted and a high local accumulation of nanoparticlesnanocapsules and nanoemulsions in specific locations of the ovaries was found in all animals. We characterised the enrichment by in vivo and ex vivo multispectral fluorescence imaging and confocal laser scanning microscopy.

The findings of this study emphasise the role of early and comprehensive in vivo studies in pharmaceutical research. Nanocarrier accumulation in the ovaries may also comprise an important toxicity issue in humans but the results might as well open a new field of targeted ovarian therapies.’