Did Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bancel, Bourla, Fauci, Francis Collins, Sahin, Barik, Daszak (the Ten Horsemen of Apocalypse) GoF & deadly mRNA technology based COVID shot kill Officer Samuel Irvin?

by Paul Alexander

I think it did! I think near 100% he died of vaccine-induced 'silent myocarditis' aggravated by exercise on a scared heart myocardium (flooded with adrenaline); arrythmia, cardiac arrest! mRNA shot!

‘His Heart Just Stopped’: NJ Family Mourns Rookie Officer Who Died Suddenly While Exercising


What do we know?

Twenty-three-year-old Sam Irvin collapsed as he ran sprints outside at his fiancé’s family’s farm in Columbus, Fox 29 reported Thursday, noting he had an enlarged heart, which was revealed in the autopsy.’ Enlarged heart.


‘“His heart just stopped, and they said it happened within seconds, so he didn’t feel pain,” his fiancé, Mackenzie Santucci, explained, adding it was an extremely traumatic day.’

Reast east my brother, rest easy! May the Lord grant you favour and now protect your family! They killed you with their vaccine and you trusted! Unless vaccine-induced myocarditis and you taking the shot is shown to be not applicable 100% here, then it is on the table. The Ten Horsemen and their actions killed you direct or indirect and have killed many and I will debate any scientist, any doctor on this. Bring your facts.

This is likely his heart was damaged from the mRNA technology gene based vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna, even DNA) and with exercise, the flood of catecholamines (adrenaline) on the scarred muscle was too much, put too much strain on the wobbled hobbled heart and he went into cardiac arrest. We are seeing this in the ‘dying at dawn, dying in your sleep’ phenomenom as people rise from sleep, in pilots, in bus drivers, in young athletes on the field, once their is stress and exercise, exertion on the scarred heart. We beg that myocarditis must be ruled out among our young teens before we put them on the field, females too (Mueller in the Basel Switzerland study showed girls had near equal (40%) myocardial lesions post vaccine), we say demand testing to rule it our such as high-sensitity troponin (for damaged heart), D-dimer for clots, EKG, contrast chest MRI (gadolinium) etc. Demand that pilots be screened before entering the cockpit.

Even the top breast cancer surgeon (below) may have fallen victim to these deadly mRNA based shots.

‘The young man was in excellent physical shape and never dealt with any health issues, per his family.’


The Ten Horsemen will say now ‘oh well, alls well, another one bites the dust, so what, it’s the cost of doing our kind of business, but we don’t care, we made millions, billions in grant money, tax payer money, we got fat, look how fat we are now, picking meat from our teeth, rotound, bank accounts fat, we want Nobels too, and we phucked the Freedom Fighter media, we locked them up too, have them under lockdown, silent, running in circles as we give them a little interview here and there, have all of them begging handouts and donor money that we control, so they won’t ask us sh*t, we run things up in this beast, we run things, we brought ‘death’ and we can be celebrated and gain fame, not one of those Freedom Fighter media will dare press us or me for I control if they will get cancelled, so I OWN them’…

that my friends is what folk in these Ten Horsemen say, how do I know? remember, I was part of that filth until I told them phuck to hell off! you can’t buy me, you take you stipends and money and phuck off! I will keep square and real with the public, you are a bunch of money leeching whores, you cared not one bit for the sick and dying due to the fraud COVID and vaccine, just to enrich yourself and you know who you are and come at me PLEASE, oh PLEASE come! oh PLEASE, let me respond!