Did same thing with the toilet paper, soap in COVID, they bought all, that’s the real story, no concern for anyone else, that’s the real story; BIDEN’S AMERICA: Mother Caught Hoarding Baby Formula

by Paul Alexander

This actual tik tok is very informative and I am sharing, its a mentality that "I have the money, disposable income so I will buy all on the shelf, who cares about if you want/need it too"

I am ashamed of people’s behavior like this, it was crazy in MARCH 2020, we could not get one role of toilet paper, soap, detergent, nothing in any grocery or pharma, why? I am blunt, the Asian folk in the parts I lived bought all…all…heard in happened in States and Canada…all…they went nuts, I personally saw them enter the Walmart, buy the 2 limit allowed, put in their car, then ran like a 100 meters dash back into the grocery to buy 2 more and so on…that is what I saw…yes its their right if allowed but they became rabid and no one could get none of the supplies and you go by them, they could stock a Walmart, they have so much stock…and no one could get…why? because you have the money or disposable income? so others did not need it? that mentality must change for us to live in an inclusive society…we have to be concerned for each other. Its the mentality that “ok, its going on short supply so I will now buy all and have no concern for any others”…that’s crazy…this short video I hope is instructive and gets people to think, reflect, and behave themselves and learn to share and have empathy and care for others. This exchange between these 2 people is staggering for it reveals a twisted mentality on many levels. IMO, people must learn to behave in a good governance society. Let us spread the word among our peoples and tell them ‘behave your damn self, calm down, relax, its call kindness, consideration for others around you, your larger community, we all will get some toilet paper and soap and calm to hell down, we all should get some baby formula, you do not need to buy all the stock in the store, others want some too’. Whomever you are.

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Mother Caught Hoarding Baby Formula to Feed Her Infants (VIDEO)