Did the medical system kill, murder Grace, a Down Syndrome patient as they were clearly deranged over COVID and the COVID protocol; did they kill her and her father Scott tells the story of Grace's

by Paul Alexander

demise; how could the medical system as how he explains it, be so very cruel to this 19 year old? this child of God? this precious person? Scott thinks that Grace was murdered with morphine etc.

I agree with her dad, I think the medical system, the corrupted inept doctors with their COVID derangement and incentivizations, killed this poor soul. She had no chance once the ‘system’ took control. Greed. Corruption. Money. Power.

It appears that the combination drugs and the DNR order given to her caused respiratory suppression and failure, coma and death…if you combined the 3 drugs they DID combine. Was the medical system so inept?