Did the pilot (s) in the recent Virginia plane crash near DC, was this crash due to the mRNA technology based gene injection? Did the vaccine kill the pilot or incapacitate enough that the plane

by Paul Alexander

went down? Would we be told vaccine status & if linked? Until we know this was not due to vaccine, that the pilot was not vaccinated, then like for Jamie FOXX & Damar Hamlin, we must conclude vaccine

‘Federal investigators are probing a private plane crash in Virginia that sparked the military to scramble a fighter jet, causing a sonic boom over the Washington, DC, area on Sunday.

A private jet flying from Tennessee to New York abruptly turned around and flew over the nation's capital on Sunday afternoon.

A US official told the Washington Post that fighter jets were sent to respond to the Cessna, which wasn't responding to radio calls. The military response caused a sonic boom that rattled homes in the area.

The unresponsive private plane didn't change its path and continued over the capital before spiraling out of the air and crashing into a rural part of Virginia. Officials said they didn't find any survivors.’

What now?