Did Uversky reveal catastrophic immune 'TOLERANCE' class switch to IgG4 Antibodies? Yes! 'IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein'

by Paul Alexander

The mRNA COVID vaccines do not produce sterilizing immunity, allowing people to suffer frequent re-infections; there is TOLERANCE class switch to IgG4 with high levels IgG4 with 2 or more shots


‘…recent investigations have found abnormally high levels of IgG4 in people who were administered two or more injections of the mRNA vaccines. HIV, Malaria, and Pertussis vaccines have also been reported to induce higher-than-normal IgG4 synthesis.


Overall, there are three critical factors determining the class switch to IgG4 antibodies: excessive antigen concentration, repeated vaccination, and the type of vaccine used.

It has been suggested that an increase in IgG4 levels could have a protecting role by preventing immune over-activation, similar to that occurring during successful allergen-specific immunotherapy by inhibiting IgE-induced effects.

However, emerging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the’ (COVID added) ‘mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses.

Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.’

Repeat COVID injections may increase the level of IgG4 that causes T-cell and interferon suppression. The result is cancer is left unchecked.