Did we kill our elderly parents and grandparents across COVID by isolating them in the medical system, causing malnourichment, dehydration? Is isolation a real killer? Yes, Rancourt shows us details

by Paul Alexander

‘implement a general susceptible-infectious-recovered (SIR) compartmental model with two populations: robust and vulnerable. The key model parameters are the per-individual frequencies of within-group (robust-robust and vulnerable-vulnerable) and between-group (robust-vulnerable and vulnerable-robust) infectious-susceptible contacts and the recovery times of individuals in the two groups, which can be significantly longer for vulnerable people.

Results Across a large range of possible model parameters including degrees of segregation versus intermingling of vulnerable and robust individuals, we find that concentrating the most vulnerable into centralized care facilities virtually always increases the infectious disease attack rate in the vulnerable group, without significant benefit to the resistant group.


Conclusions Isolated care homes of vulnerable residents are predicted to be the worst possible mixing circumstances for reducing harm in epidemic or pandemic conditions.’

Our governments and their health officials, alphabet health agencies with their incompetent political malfeasant leaders and officials, the legacy swamp media, the medical doctors, academic scientists, television talking heads etc. DID kill. Not the virus. No no no, we lost most not from COVID virus, we lost most due to:

1)denial of treatment for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, metabolic disorder etc. as all beds and clinics were criminally and insanely designated ‘COVID’ beds and services ONLY

2)the ravages of the lockdown lunacy, school closures, business closures etc. Many hung themselves.

3)the fraud ineffective and deadly COVID gene injection itself (the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection)

4)and mainly, due to how the medical system treated our elderly and our peoples via DNR orders, denial of antibiotics when most advanced COVID patients had serious bacterial pneumonia needing antibiotics, fraud overcycled PCR false positive process (95% false positive when cycle count threshold was above 24), sedation using diamorphine, midazolam, isolation, malnourichment, dehydration of our elderly locked away in the COVID ‘black hole’ (COVID PROTOCOL) in the back of the glass windowed rooms of the hospital, administering deadly Remdesivir (kidney and liver toxic), intubation and then put on the deadly ventilator that blew up lungs.

We created a fraud pandemic using the fraud PCR false positive test cycled to 40 and 45 and thus not detecting infectious and lethal virus. It was all a hoax largely designed for nefarious reasons and to topple Trump. The respiratory influenza like illness due to whatever Fauci and Francis Collins and their NIH and DoD et al. created via gain-of-function or whatever, note I use the term ‘whatever’ for what we think we know today will change tomorrow, and that respiratory illness was not out of the ordinary. It actually was on line with ‘expected’.

I argue we detected with the PCR, something that nefarious sick people knew was already circulating as they had released it years prior (intentional or accidentally and again, we do not know ‘yet’). They knew we were largely immune already.

The excess deaths today are due to the fraud vaccine and the devastating medical management of our people, coupled with the NPI lockdown lunatic shielding policies and the denial of treatment that sees deaths now accruing due to being far along disease sequelae.