Did we shut society down with lockdowns & school & business closures with NO basis using flawed RT-PCR process that was over-cycled beyond a cut-point of 24 cycle count? YES! 99.9% positives (Bullard)

by Paul Alexander

were NOT positive for infectious, pathological, culturable, viable virus that could transmit!!! near 100%! thus ASYMPTOMATIC transmission was DOA & I have said this, as has Bridle & McCullough; 99.9%

Yes we did, we shut it down with a devastating fraud and lie, where most, 99.9% of those deemed ‘positive’ we NOT for infectious lethal virus. We closed society with lockdowns and schools fraudulently! It was all a lie using the fraud PCR test.




IMO and I think the science shows it, 100% or near 100% of those who tested positive for COVID infection in 2020 and 2021 were not infectious and were non-lethal. There was NO asymptomatic spread in COVID. Even if there was a theoretical risk, it could not happen. It was all a lie!

Moreover, my understanding is that only a very small fraction of virus after a cell is infected is actually replication-competent. They cannot reproduce effectively, again, mitigating the chance of spread.


‘SARS-CoV-2 Vero cell infectivity was only observed for RT-PCR Ct < 24 and STT < 8 days. Infectivity of patients with Ct > 24 and duration of symptoms > 8 days may be low.’

‘These results demonstrate that infectivity (as defined by growth in cell culture) is significantly reduced when RT-PCR Ct values are > 24. For every 1-unit increase in Ct, the odds ratio for infectivity decreased by 32%. The high specificity of Ct and STT suggests that Ct values > 24, along with duration of symptoms > 8 days, may be used in combination to determine duration of infectivity in patients.’

These results show that we closed society and shot schools for a lie! No one was likely ever ‘infectious’ with viable infectious lethal pathogen, NO one! The fear instilled in the population with asymptomatic spread was a lie (did not happen for this pathogen, was not a driver of this pandemic or any pandemic) and knowing we cycled up to 45 in Canada and the US and UK etc. We used a cut point of 40-45 cycles when at 24 cycles, that was the real limit. The issue was infectiousness and ability to transmit replication-competent pathogen (virus) and the fact is that above 24 cycles you could not.

It was a sham, a lie, a hoax!!

See the cut-point in Ontario by Public Health: