"Did We **** Up (Again)?" Has to do with the emerging hepatitis we are seeing in children; Karl provokes me to think is way I did not even know I could, so I share...check blog...impressive intellect

by Paul Alexander

'Has co-infection with another adenovirus, along with the vector being introduced to an unwitting person either in the form of the J&J or AstraZeneca vaccines, resulted in reassortment in the body'..

Did We **** Up (Again)?

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“J&J's Covid-19 vaccine is based on an adenovirus "modified" to be non-replication competent -- that is, unable to reproduce in the human body.  The AstraZeneca jab widely used in England is similar, using a chimpanzee adenovirus that is allegedly harmless in humans.

The specific virus used by J&J, Ad26, in "native" form usually causes colds of no particular importance.  Deleting gene E1 renders it incapable of replicating and this is fairly easy, since its a one-off.  Further, it looked like whether you previously were infected had no bearing on whether it "worked" as expected, which made it popular.

But.... there were plenty of unknowns.  Chief among them is that natural infection with Ad26 is relatively rare; that is, unlike many other viruses in the adenovirus family, seroprevalence is quite rare in the population -- certainly-so compared to several others, and those who do have existing seroprevalence tend to have low reactivity (in other words, little existing immunity even when present.)

The literature, as of the date of the above linked article, showed no serious adverse event concerns.  However, if you recall, the J&J vaccine had a number of very serious adverse events occur -- enough that many people got spooked, especially due to the TTS events (clotting with low platelet count), which can be fatal as its very hard to treat.  Note that there was no evidence in the alleged studies as of May 2021, prior to Covid shots using this vector, that this would be a potential risk.

So why did it happen?  We don't know.  But what that proves is that we don't actually understand what we're doing, don't have a boundary on the risks -- and any claim we do is a lie.

Now we have a new potential issue showing up with severe hepatitis in young people which has no reasonable link to covid vaccines, since in nearly all people of that age they're not eligible to receive them.  But, ominously, it is linked to an adenovirus that, in the past, has no known causation for hepatitis.

This raises a question: Has co-infection with another adenovirus, along with the vector being introduced to an unwitting person either in the form of the J&J or AstraZeneca vaccines, resulted in reassortment in the body and a transmissible adenovirus that causes liver damage?

It's possible -- but likely very hard to prove, perhaps impossibly-so, that we caused this.  I'll note that widespread use of adenovirus-vector jabs has not been done at scale before -- they've been tested and are in trials, but widespread deployment had never occurred before Covid. 

Now it has.

Coincidences do occur folks, and correlation doesn't equate to causation.  But when you genetically abuse something, deliberately deploy it on a widespread basis across millions of people and then another very serious malady shows up with a link to the family of viruses you abused that has never been seen in that family of viruses before if that doesn't raise your eyebrows you're not very bright.

We believe, ladies and gentlemen, that we can tamper with living organisms like this and effectively create new ones.  This is not the same thing as creating various vaccines solely from parts or whole inactivated viruses and bacteria; that's not creating anything in a laboratory when you get down to it.  These new paradigms are all the product of genetic manipulation at a fairly-base level, and we have decided, in our arrogance, that we can determine with specific detail what will happen not across a few hundred or a couple of thousand subjects tested for a relatively short period of time but across millions, or even hundreds of millions in a natural environment where all other manner of potential pathogens exist and may cross-react with what we create, particularly if someone gets infected with something at the same time we introduce our genetically-modified but related substance.

The arrogance that has been on display over the last few years when it comes to genetics is astounding.  Just because you can do a thing does not mean you understand all the ramifications of doing it.

Natural evolution is a process that has a wildly failure-prone outcome.  Most mutations result in the non-viability of whatever results; it is extremely rare that you get a beneficial outcome.  But when we tamper with things in a lab we deliberately change this outcome so that the product will be viable, and we do so with the belief that we fully understand and can bound the risks associated with that.

Maybe that's true and maybe its not.

Maybe -- just maybe -- nature bit back this time.

Think long and hard on that folks, because while you won't hear that possibility raised elsewhere, certainly not among the pharma and medical promoters -- it is nonetheless quite possible, either this time or the next and if and when it does occur you can't hit "undo" and make it go away, any more than we could with Covid-19 itself.”