'DIED SUDDENLY, DIED AT DAWN, DEATH WITH NO KNOWN CAUSE'; is it the vaccine? something has happened since February 2021 beyond the COVID virus itself, that is killing people, young healthy people

by Paul Alexander

Would you say it's the vaccine as I am saying? The data is clear to me, the evidence in the science and all around us is clear; what do you think? vaccine? if not COVID mRNA gene vaccine, what is it?

Let us debate this, comment, tell me what you think. I say it is 100% the COVID gene injection.

I want someone to give an alternative explanation. Note, it is the highly vaccinated nations that are experiencing surging infections, variants, hospitalizations, and deaths. The virus is not killing elderly like before. For a while now, and the virus does not kill young persons e.g. 18-50 or so. Yet we are seeing constant deaths in this healthy young age-group, and this age-group took most vaccine.

What do you think is killing them?